Buzzing Sensation Across Face Following a Cold


Hope your day is going well.

Just after a bit of advice from you. I have read up on paraethesia but it is always good to hear from anyone who has or is suffering the same to share experiences/advice. It really helps.

I had a crawling sensation across my face a couple of weeks ago. Told my MS Nurse and she said it sounded as if I had an infection on the way and she was right. The following week I got a cold which has now gone but it has left me with a buzzing sensation across my face. Really annoying. Feels like I’ve got a fly on my nose.

Just wondered if anyone else has suffered from this following a cold and how long it lasted.

Thanks for any help.

Shazzie xx

Thanks Jennifer.

It is soooo annoying. I keep fanning the end of my nose in the hope that it knocks a hair off or something.

I’m just trying to think if I have eaten anything that I don’t usually eat. Will have to keep thinking and perhaps take a antihistamine just in case.

Hate to say this but I am pleased you have experienced this as it makes me relax a bit. I’m not being spiteful, honest. I was beginning to think that there was something else going on. Although my MS Nurse wasn’t too worried just said she wouldn’t be surprised if I had a cold coming and she was right.

Thanks again for your reply.

Shazzie xx

I’ve had the feeling of something under my right cheek for a week or so now, it almost feels like a twitch under the skin but a bit like something is trying to get out from underneath. It’s not visible in a mirror and doesn’t get worse when stressed.

Thanks Mrs Chicca,

It really does bug doesn’t it?

Feels like I’ve got an alien in my face!!!

Shazzie xx

That’s weird Jen. It hasn;t appeared. Don’t say we are gonna be having problems with posts disappearing again.

Shazzie xx

Yes I get this when Im a bit run down, its so annoying!

Ha Shazzie, you jut stole my post( lol )i came on here to put the same thing on, unbelivable.

I have trigeminal neuralgia, tingling and sharp pains in my face ear and neck, but for the last week i feel like i have a hair over my right eye that i just cant catch hold of no matter how i try.

I also am finding i have what feels like a headache that wont go away, and my chin and bottom lip on the right side feels numb,like ive been to the dentist.

Ive not had a cold or an infection but the T N affects me badly in cold weather, i might ring my gp tomorrow and ask if i can increase the pegabalin,for a short time see if it stops this.

It dose feel like something is crawling under your skin sometimes, i hope youres stops soon.


Does anyone wake up with painful ears?

Thanks Amylou and Barbara

It means a lot to me to know that I have not got bugs under my skin trying to get out!!!

Sorry Barbara that I stole your post. How weird that a lot of us seem to have this at the mo. Makes you wonder whether it is something in the air bringing on he symptoms.

Thanks again. Means a lot!!

Shazzie xx

I’m not sure on this one but wanted to check you’re OK Shazzie hugs… the bloomin’ return button’s not working (I think it seems to just be on this laptop!). It’s not the same thing exactly but I have very thick long hair and as a consequence I shed a lot! Sometimes tho, I spend ages trying to brush a hair off my bare arm to eventually realise that there just isn’t one there! It drives me bonkers as I do get areally vivid feeling and it’s weird when you can’t workout what you can feel! Hope you feel better soon - Sonia xx

I tried to pm you Jen and it took me straight to the home page?

In a way I’m glad the painful ears thing isn’t just me, although maybe we just sleep funny rather than it being neurological? Do you also get a cold, numb feeling in your nose at all?

Hi Sonia

I am struggling on thanks hun, like we all do. I am still laughing so that’s a good sign eh?

My cold has gone. Just got this buzzing feeling on my face. Like you say, feels like there is a hair there but it isn’t. Fingers crossed it will go.

I’ll PM you later.

Thanks for asking and hope you are ok.

Shazzie xx