Nose blowing

For a couple of years now I keep feeling the need to blow my nose, it isn’t blocked but I still there is something there that has to be blown out. It seems a trivial problem to 'phone my GP about so, I’m hoping someone here may be able to give me an answer why (I’m going through countless boxes of tissues!).

Thank you for reading this even if you don’t have an answer for me.


I would tell your GP it might be a polyp.

Hi Jacqueline,

I get that as well, been blowing my nose for years, it never clears, think it’s medications that you are on, as my medication makes a lot of mucus, so that could be your problem, like you go through lots of tissues a day, it’s worse in the mornings when I wake up as well. Hope that helps you.

Thank you for replying, I probably will phone my GP now. I didn’t want to waste his time before you mentioned a polyp.


Hi, I don’t take medication for my MS but, I’ll check the information leaflets on any medication I do take. I hadn’t thought about that, I may have to phone my GP after all.


Have you tried a nasal spray?


I don’t have mucus when I blow, just feel permanently damp on the nose.

Perhaps I’m becoming a dog?

Justv seen this thread - 10 months late!

Just my personal theory but there are numerous secondary symptoms of something like MS which are nothing to do with the disease but occur because of lifestyle. Most of us are less active than we once were and spend more time sitting down and indoors.

So secondary symptoms could include:

  • Weight gain
  • Stiffness
  • Dry eyes
  • Blocked nose

I get a blocked nose and snort lightly salted water up my nose. Not full immersion, just a few drops at a time. Let it soften the muck that’s up there and it blows down more easiy. Nasal sprays or drops such as Sinex or Olbas Oil can be a bit too aggressive and can over-dry the nose if used too often. Sorry, it sounds disgusting but if you suffer with it, needs must!

Dry, itch eyes are another problem for me. Have been diagnosed with Blepharitis and find Hycosan Dual sorts it put the best.

I’m sorry to reply many months after your answer to my post, I didn’t see your reply till now (I don’t know why I didn’t see it before now). I haven’t tried a nasal spray although I have considered it as my sister uses one (she gets blocked sinuses). I wouldn’t know what to use but
have just seen the post about using salt water so might give it a try.