What is this pain?

This is a new one on me - for a month now I’ve been getting a pain in my forehead over my left eye whenever I close both eyes, it doesn’t happen when I just close one eye, it has to be both. Also when I screw my eyes up tight, and when I look up as far as I can. My eye sight isn’t affected, but there’s a strange feeling round the eye and a mild headache in my forehead some of the time.

I can’t think what this could be, (doesn’t optic neuritis affect your sight?). Can anybody identify with this? I have no idea if it is to do with the ms.



Hi Hils,have you got a snotty nose or head cold that could be mucking about with your sinuses.I’ve never experienced anything like this,but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be MS.Is the weather affecting you particularly,or have you altered your drugs?

Hopefully the ‘Brethren’ will come up with some sort of answer,

Wb x

ps Ooh, just remembered that Contact 400 or one of the other decongestants are quite fun when clearing sinuses

Hello Hilary, I would suggest that if you haven’t got a stuffed up nose you get it checked out with your gp, as it could be caused by many things. Janet x