Pain behind eye, in cheek & nose & pain in neck!! Help please

So I have had had a dull aching kind of fullness in my head for a few weeks now. Have been to Dr. several times and even to out of hours… it gets worse when I laugh and today I am in quite a lot of pain. The pain today is behind my eye and in my cheek. My neck also hurts when I touch it at the back. I feel very out of sorts today and almost like I may just collapse at any minute. I am waiting for neuro to call me…but I guess that will be next week now. I am at the end of my tether now!! Have been given things for the headache but is any of this normal for MS?? Other than ON I have not had any other relapses… maybe this is the beginning of one? I don’t know but feel very alone at the moment and scared.

It sounds really difficult for you. Try not to be scared. Feel for you. I’m sorry I don’t have any real answers. I do get neck pressure but not the other stuff. Is there any chance it could be sinus related? Lots of bugs / viruses around and they could lead to the possible relapse symptoms. If so, maybe you need antibiotics? Hope your neuro gets in touch son. Do you have an MS nurse you could contact? Take care - thinking of you. Get well soon. Xx

As above, this happens to me with my sinuses (hayfever). It could just as easy be an allergy as it could be MS, and if I remember correctly you were previously concerned about having a brain tumour?

To ease any anxiety that could also cause pains all over, maybe take yourself to a&E, it’ll be jammed but your mind will be put at ease x

Thank You. Can sinuses be on just one side and a constant sharp pain? Yes I have been worrying for weeks about a brain tumor and this is just making my anxiety worse. My husband is working away and i’m on my own with my young children which makes it worse. Is there anything to take for sinuses? The pain will just not let up and have had it all night as well. xx

Yeah, sinuses get inflamed/blocked, it’s extremely painful. Google sinus sweeping, and inhale some steam. The anxiety will be making everything seem and feel worse x

Hi there, I hope you don’t mind me posting as I’m new and this is my first post. I was just reading through the forums and saw your thread and felt the need to reply… Hence registering! Does this pain you have effect the jaw/ joint area too and make you think you have something wrong with any of your back teeth? Possibly upper back teeth. If yes, it might be worth asking your Neuro about Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) or Atypical Facial Pain (ATN). I’ve been suffering with this for over a year now, started off mild and would come and go… but progressed to being severe and making me think I was going insane of had some sort of brain tumour!!.. and finally got a proper diagnosis recently. One other thing worth mentioning is that paracetamol & codeine have no effect in reducing the pain. There has been suspicion for years of me having MS but have been fobbed off with a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia but myself and the specialist I saw recently disagree and he is sending me for an MRI & Lumbar test. Anyway, there is a strong link between TN and MS so it could possibly be what you are experiencing. I hope you get some answers and relief soon, Jo x

Hi Jo. Yes it does hurt my teeth and definitely my jaw!! Nothing seems to help with the pain and it seems to be worse when i’m in bed… although that could just be because everything is quiet and i’m more focused on it. I suffer from anxiety anyway and worrying about having a brain tumour is not helping anything. It’s so nice that you registered just to reply to this. NOt knowing if you have MS is not fun at all. Limboland sucks! Thank You. Sarah xx

Sorry Jo… now that my children are in bed I can reply properly as my last post seemed rushed and uncaring! Welcome to the forum. When is your MRI and LP? I had a LP when I had my first symptoms which was optic neuritis. I didn’t find it too bad but the headache afterwards wasn’t so good. Am sure you will be fine though. I hope it gives you some answers as to what you have. I hope the pain in my face goes away soon as at times I just can’t deal with it. Today seems to have been a lot better but it has just started up again. I know I will end up awake in the night and that is the worse time for worrying. I know if I could just have an MRI I would feel better but it seems to take forever for my neuro to get back to me. Anyway enough of the waffling… thank you for replying to my thread. It would be lovely to hear from you after your MRI. Sarah x