Does anyone take it and how do you find it, does it work and how are the side effects, i’ve been prescribed it but scared to take it :frowning: Thanks Chrissie xx

Not sure if this is much help, but I think nortriptyline is similar to amitriptyline in that it is best to take it in the evening because it makes you drowsy (great for sleeping better!). Side effects vary from person to person. Unfortunately I had to come off amitriptyline because it gave me loads of mouth ulcers(!), but most people are fine with it. Remember that it’s a common drug - loads and loads of people are on it. It’s used as an anti-depressant at higher doses too. If you have a look at - it’ll tell you everything about everything. Hth. Karen x

hi there don,t worry about taking it .i,ve been taking in for qiuet some time .fortunately i havn,t suffered from any side don,t worry give them ago mistymoo xx

I have been taking taking Amiltryptiline for @ 5 months now with no side effects. It has really helped me, however, my neurologist has decidide to swap me over to Nortryptiline as apprently it doesn’t have as great a sedative effect as Amiltryptiline (I have two young children so cannot be comatose at night just in case they wake up :slight_smile: ) I will start to take Nortryptiline this week so will let you know how I get on. Why has your doctor precribed it for you? neuropathic pain? Mel x

My husband has been taking this for a couple of weeks and it seems to have helped him. No side effects to speak of and it does seem to be help controlling headaches and other ms pain.

Just started notriptyln 10mg tonight to ease pins and needles. Had to come of amitriptyln as it was like living on a pin cushion and got itchy skin :frowning: lets see how I get on with this…watch this space!!

I took it for a few months a few years ago and it was great in that it really helped with my anxiety. Unfortunately, I put on a lot of weight (about 7lbs a month) so I stopped taking it…

I have used nortriptyline to help ease the nerve pain overnight. It has been a huge help

Nortriptyline doesn’t make you feel foggy like amatriptoline. I have had both but did not function well on amatryptoline and had to go off it