Northern Lights (Not MS)


I saw on this site that someone had booked a holiday to see the Northern Lights. Can anyone recommend a travel company that caters for wheelchair users please? Thanks. Steve


I’ve found real diffuculty getting access information on line for trips abroad. You might have to just goggle disabled/wheelchair travel and get on the phone. Best of luck!


Hi Steve, have a look at Hurtigruten - a Norwegian comany, I am sure that they are wheelchair friendly. I have looked into this adventure for myself with this company (I also use a wheelchair) and when I have the funds I would love to go… Though it’s a matter of great heated debate in my household as my husband is desperate to go in Winter, whereas I just wish to visit Norway in Summer,

If you do go, let us all know how you got on, good luck, Jo.

Hi Steve,

It was me that had booked to go to Iceland with the hope of seeing the Northern Lights. We booked with Icelandair who were good although not wheelchair specialists. They organised assistance at the airports and made requests to the hotel for us (I’m not a full time wheelchair user)

Unfortunately we didn’t see the lights as they just weren’t happening on the 2 nights we went out, but we did have a fantastic time as Iceland is such a beautiful country. A friend went on a cruise to Norway the week before we went away and had excellent views of the lights on all sides of the ship! Being on the ship allowed them to find somewhere warm when the cold got too much; as she said it was -10 on deck! It wasn’t that cold in Iceland!

We didn’t have any problems in Iceland but I would certainly recommend cruising as they will certainly cater for your needs.

Sarah x

Iceland and norway are both great places to visit but a word of warning - you can’t see the northern lights anywhere in the summer not least becuase it daylight(ish) pretty much all night.

Thanks everyone-looks like a winter cruise then!