Anyone tried Iceland? If you do there is a excellent Disability Centre in Reykyavik run by a lot of wonderful people - especially Bergthora and Sylvie.

We went to Reykyavik last year. My wife on an Erasmus conference for European University Heads of Careers. So I tagged along for the ride. Difficult in March with the weather when you have to use a scooter. If you have not been be warned at the price of taxis. But the Northern Lights are of course a knock out!



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Closet I’ve been is to the supermarket of the same name - shop assistants are very friendly!

LOL Very good.


Hi me and husband are going on the 26 of this month and i am a bit worried about getting around and was going to use taxis and have thought about hiring a scooter as well , not in a wheelchair yet but cant walk that far . Any helpful tips gratefully received. Thank you Katy

Went in May 1996 for four days and one night.Adored the place.Called in for nine hours in July 2007 on the way to Greenland.I was first off the boat when we got into Reykjavik and last back on after my ‘Giant Jeep Safari’.I started using a stick two months later,and am now in a powerchair so thanks for the tips.

When the balls drop,Iceland is top of the list


Hi Rob I went three years ago before I got MS. I managed to see 5 seconds of northern lights. I took my DSLR camera and did some long exposure photos, then the northern lights were visible in the photo’s. Lovely place i’m really glad I went. The accommodation In Rekkjavik was affordable but everything else was quite expensive.


i have always wanted to got to iceland.

​i listen to a lot of sigur ros (icelandic band) and can visualise their landscape.

enjoy rob!!

carole x

My wife is 1/8 Icelandic (I’m a bit of an ancestry nut – very addictive but keeps the brain active). Wouldn’t mind visiting there before my MS gets too bad.

Have booked to go there in September, on my way to Canada to see rellies. Never been before. Am looking forward to it. Am relatively mobile, but with a limp. Get spinny when tired and/or hot, so hope Iceland will be relaxing.

Please note that taxis cost a lot. I had to use them with my scooter.

There is an excellent Disability Centre about 10 minutes drive from the Grand Hotel in Rekyavik. They also have a nice apartment for rent with full disability facilities.