Blast from the past

This years l.lS Society sponsored streak


09 May 09


Dear Money Raiser, the time is upon us agaln to

choose the locatlon for this years "Strip+

Dash"…,…,…,.Odd as lt may seem, I’m

thinking about lceland. No, not the high street

purveyor of raspberry ripple, and the home of the wondertrl "A years

food for 81.37" offer…Rey$avik.

An odd cholce, but please indulge me. Firstly,.lhere are no trees, but

plenty of dogs, so proceedlngs should move aRcng briskly. Which brings

me nicely to the climate.It can get a bit nippy. The cold has its

shortcomings, so to speak, and there may be shrinkage in


The Midnight sun has its a$ractions, but bum burn at 02,00, withsut the

involvement of Axmhster or shag plle, can confuse the ill-prepared

participant. Aftersun is dlfficult to find until November, and I myself will

be wearing factor 50…A transparent Pac a Mac

The reverse side of the calendar offers the total 24 hour darkness.

Handy for the shyer of our merry band, but the Icelanders have

floodlighting that can fry an egg at 4,000 yards, and melt factor

50.Those amongst us waving collection buckets must be mindful of


If we decide on Iceland, I will organlse the transport. Thls will be Long

boats and pedalos, from Cape Wrath a couple of days before the date.

TBA (Total Bleedin’ Absurdity). I wlll keep you abreast of the time for

rollock adjustment,and the inside leg measurement determlnation of

thlgh lubrication.

Finally can we not have a repeat of last years incldent with the

champagne cork popping,and the poor soul adJusting their shoe laces. It

left a nasty after taste.

Your vlews and opinions are welcome ,provided you keep them to


Steve xx

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