Spare a Thought

Good day to everyone in msland, as we await the end of the old year, we should share a moment of silence for those poor unfortunate souls who have lost much. Today, word has reached me of the loss of 12% of share value from Debinghams, they have lost so much, I, for one, will have a minute silence, how can they survive with just a paltry 85 million pound profit, down from 115 million in the same six months last year, how they, and other, shareholders, be able to sit and eat caviar, the best of steak etc, we all must rally round, and take, cuts in wages, have the collection plate filled, bring in more migrants to take less wages than us, work more hours, so, all in all we, as a nation, should be ashamed shareholders have less profits than before. HELP THE RICH, PLEASE GIVE GENEROUSLY, Brian

Sadly, if you have a pension you may have lost money too. Pension funds are big share holders…

H i Brian,

How true! Your comments made me laugh! I’d love just a little of the £85 million as I’m sure would most of us on the message board. Happy New Year to all!