Normal LP but olgliclonal bands

Has anyone had this before? My LP results were “generally normal” but positive for Oglioclonal bands. I have to wait until December for my neurologist appt and I’m starting to pull my hair out with frustration :woman_facepalming:t2: if anyone can shed any light I would appreciate it :blush:


Yes all my results from lumber puncture were normal too. Ie protein etc

Apart from bands

The bands confirmed my ms.

They could not confirm from brain and spine mri

Of course this could be very different with you

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Thank you so much for replying. I must admit I’m starting to worry now. Roll on December for my appt!

Did you not have bands in csf and blood?

The letter just said positive for bands but my doctors note says positive in csf and serum with extra bands in csf?

I really dont know. Google does not help too. Can you ring your doctor and ask?

I think I will I need to go back as they say ‘the drugs don’t work’! I really do appreciate you commenting the forum makes me feel a little less alone!

I understand its so difficult. I just wanted to know if it was ms. Although from the start Somehow i believed it was ms. Read what you can about ms from sites like this and read up on treatments. Keep notes on any symptoms.

Thank you I will read up more on it. I thought maybe it was nerve damage from an emergency C-section but as time has gone by ms has become the overriding feeling. I’m trying to keep an open mind though.

I have had two emergency c sections and 2 planned c sections. The planned ones were so much better.

Four c-sections!!! You have my upmost respect I couldn’t cope with the one I had :flushed::joy:

It seems silly to saý but they get easier. Sadly my second daughter was born early and lived 1 week. My third and four daughters were planned c sections and i was awake when they were born. They are grown up now at 24 20 and 17. Tamsyn who died would have been 21.

I’m so sorry to read about Tamysn a beautiful blessing but a heartbreaking one :pleading_face: I have two older ones 18 and 14 and my “evicted” baby Flora is 2. x

Love the name Flora

Hope you get soon answers soon. Chat anytime if it helps

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Yes, I had this too - when the 2nd Neuro saw the results and MRI Scans he diagnosed MS. The first one said the results were suggestive of Demyelinating disease (MS).
Then things have picked up quickly - I’ve had another MRI and have my first appointment with the MS Nurse next month. Symptoms are being managed and a treatment plan should follow the MS Nurse appointment.
Keep your chin up - things will move along, and you will get answers.