Non disabled toilets


If you have to use an ordinary toilet without grab rails, use and adjustable walking stick.

Lower its height to help you get up. Even better with a four footed stick.

Not all sleepless nights are pointless.


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Thanks Steve , My biggest problem is finding a toilet that isn’t occupied ,… I mean a disabled one that I can get into with Frazer and the chair . Hospitals are particularly bad the disabled toilets are rarely big enough and usually have bins in the most awkward places. When I was at hospital after my botox procedure I was in a a lot of discomfort and really needed the loo after finding one big enough I had a long wait it was engaged…when the door eventually opened it was a young male hospital staff member from the pharmacy , I’ve learned not to judge but I was in so much pain that day …i still wonder what his hidden disability was! Michelle and Frazer xx