No known headache

Okay I do have lesions and a MS diagnosis that I am just now accepting after almost two years. Denial I guess. I hear that the brain itself does not feel pain but this attack thing I am getting sure feels like it.The way it starts out is amplifying my chronic pain going from a norm of a 6 to a 7 the first day and makes the frontal part of my brain hurt a 7 or an 8. It takes a total of 3 days before it hits a 10 for my body and a 12 for my head this lasts 2 days then is just gone on day 6. Everything back to normal. 30 days later the cycle begins again. Only this time I am admitted into the hospital. I am given through my IV dilauded and steroids. Then by day 3 a neurologist comes in says that it is a migraine so now the steroids are being given to me on a taper down dose my morphine is now my primary pain med with the dilauded for break through and toradol is added to the mix. They are able to break it, but I do not know what did it as it never hit it’s worse could have been the steroids or the toradol. The one thing I do know is it is not a migraine. I have been to many sites about headaches including government ones a lot seem to reference The International Headache Society so I have systematically ruled out 17 different types of headaches and their sub-categories. So it would actually be an unclassified headache at best. I also for a year or so now have developed horrible nerve pain. It includes the symptom where being touched lightly can be painful. I was taking 1200 mg of Neurotin, but I was just recently switched to 150 mg of Lyrica. I am not sure how well it is working as it has only been a week now. But either way I still have nerve pain. Nothing ever really took that away. I am at the end of my rope here. I have to do something more for the nerve pain as for the last 3 days my brain has started to hurt. Very mild nothing like that attack thing it is only a 2 or a 3. But I do not like it. I have a new brain MRI at the end of the month and a lumbar one at the beginning of next month as my legs always hurt. Maybe a new lesion there.

Yes MS can cause headaches but they are far worse with a complaint that mimics MS symptoms; look at this

It causes lesions also.