Confused about what I'm being told.

Hi all,

I’m feeling a bit confused about what I’m being told by Neurologist etc

I recently had my first neurology appointment after a brain MRI, in the report they mentioned lesion damage possibly caused by my chronic migraine but couldn’t dismiss demeyelination. The neurologist pointed out 8 lesions!!! but said not to worry, she didn’t think it was MS (I was over the moon happy) but thinks it is migraine related.

After going through all my other symptoms which are all possible MS symptoms she decided that I would benefit from 3 days of IV steroids - Methylprednisolone to help break the symptom cycle as she put it.

Today I’ve just finished the third day and I was asked by the nurse in the infusion unit what other MS medications am I on? So I explained I was not diagnosed and told her what the neurologist had said. The nurse told me the same as what we all know and that MS can take a long time to be fully diagnosed and to contact the Neurologist in about 3 weeks if there is no improvement.

I’m really confused, could it just be too early for something to be confirmed, I’m really worried because after my last bad set back (as to call it) I’ve fallen three times, been left constantly with a bad limp/walking ability and blurry vision.

Anyone gone through something similar?

Thank you in advance

I wasn’t aware migraines were treated with steroids tbh. I can see why you’re confused with it. Do you have a follow up appointment?

Thank you for the reply Humbug.

Yeah confused is right, I have an appointment set up for August and told to call if things haven’t changed.