Confused by neurology appointment UPDATE

Hi all:) Went to see the neurologist today, first appointment. My physical exam seemed normal, apart from the reflex missing in one leg . So he said he doesn’t think it’s ms, and also my symptoms aren’t indicative of ms, although he is sending me for a mri scan due to aneurysms running in my family, although an aneurysm wouldn’t cause any symptoms anyway. He also said my headaches aren’t anything to do with ms as if it was then it would be very severe and I can walk ok etc. So being sent for am mri in case of aneurysm, even though that would be symptomless, and the symptoms are probably caused by a " one off thing". Does he mean cis or something else? I know nobody here can diagnose me I’m just confused and hope I’m not waiting months for my mri appointment. Thanks for reading:)

My neurologist said that my migraines maybe the cause of my demyelinating disease??? He also kept me on for an appointment next year


I thought it could be! That’s why I am so confused, I get the feeling I wasn’t told the full story like he didn’t want to scare me. And he also said something has happened to lose that reflex but he didn’t know what. Wish they would just be straight to the point.

Migraines can cause MS?

It sounds like your appointment was utterly confusing. Total mixed messages. Not MS, but will send you for an MRI. Could be an aneurism (frightening thought!) but that would be symptomless!

Headaches don’t tend to be listed as a symptom of MS, but that doesn’t stop many of us getting way more than our share of them. I have times when I have a constant headache for several days and am popping painkillers all the time.

Migraines don’t tend to cause MS. In fact I’d go so far as to say they don’t. I wouldn’t have thought migraines could cause demyelinating lesions either.

I should think Shlaaaaaa89, that your MRI will help to clarify things. It doesn’t usually take too long for an MRI appointment. But if you give it a couple of weeks after your neurologists appointment, you can phone the MRI department of your hospital and check they have the referral and ask them what the waiting time is currently.

It would be silly to second guess what your neurologist meant by ‘a one off thing’. If he thought your physical exam and symptoms weren’t typical of MS, then they wouldn’t be typical of a CIS either.

Best of luck, I hope your MRI comes soon and that you get the results very soon after.


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Thanks sue!! Was more worried that he said only a large aneurysm would cause symptoms, quite worrying when my uncle had brain surgery a couple of years ago, I don’t want to lose my hair and I wouldn’t be able to look after my kids more importantly. Suppose there’s no point speculating I’ll just have to wait and see.thanks all :slight_smile:

Phoned mri department to see about waiting times on Thursday, they said 6 weeks and they hadn’t yet got my referral. Thursday night they rang with a cancellation and I went Friday evening for the mri! So just waiting for results now

Excellent. It’s always a good idea to stick your name in their minds.

Don’t hold your breath for the results though. Sometimes they come quickly and other times the radiologist has to write a report and post it for the attention of your neurologist. Who then has a long hard stare at it, strokes his or her beard, plays with an executive toy on their desk and finally writes a letter or calls you in for an appointment.

Hopefully all of that will be nice and quick for you.


Hope so sue, I will update when I hear from them