no idea whats going on :(

Hi I have been diagnosed nearly a year now I didn’t know what MS was or why they wanted to give me a mri . After the follow up appointment after the mri was told several lesions and it was ms and due to the amount of lesions no further tests where required as looking at my medical history I had probably had it 3-4 years . I have been told I have RRMS my thing is though I am not convinced it is ms in fact I even told my mum today they have it wrong. Denial maybe but a few things don’t seem right or maybe they are and I just don’t know it ? I have had things happening but nothing major I get numb side of face , vibrating legs , and did have a stage when my balance went out the window for a few weeks and left me clinging to walls, lost feeling in one hand but only for 48 hours but on the whole no muscle weakness or anything like that and my neuro exam I passed with flying colours. My main problem is headaches and over the last 3-4 weeks they have been there constant and I mean everyday I go to bed in pain and wake up in pain its always behind my eyes and so painful sometimes I can not lift my head off the pillow I consider myself to have a high pain threshold but these are excruciating one of the worst pains I have ever encountered I also feel sick on and off throughout the day most days . A couple of times over the last few weeks I have had episodes where my vision has gone extremely blurry only for a hour or so at a time it is like somebody has smeared Vaseline over my eyes, and in my left eye I can be sitting there and get a sudden sharp pain that shoots through my eye like its just been stabbed it lasts no longer than a split second I also sometimes get it on the top of my head. I keep thinking tomorrow I will wake up and the pain will be gone but after 3 or 4 weeks I am beginning to really worry that there is something else going on. Does anybody else suffer with headaches and eye pain like this ? Thank you Xx

Hey Kizzy- look on the thread on 17th may by Alison D for information on eye pain
Min xx

Hi Kizzy,

Severe migraine can cause MS-like symptoms I think. Maybe you can get another referral to the neurologist to be checked again.


Teresa xx

Thankyou all so much :0) have to say haven't been to bad today as far as the headache go keeping my finger crossed for tomorow to. I am 32 to and it is the strangest thing ever i just dont believe it is ms every symptom fits and the mri was very conclusive but i just cant believe it it just doesnt seem to be sinking in even nearly a year on. Will i ever accept it is ? I also had another strange thing happen last night i had just put my girls to bed and went to lay down and had a electric shock go up my neck and into my head and it was happening every couple of minutes and it was so strong it made me jump each time has anybody else suffered with this? thankfully it has gone today .

Thankyou :) x