No black eye!

Hi everyone

Hope today is being kind to you all, sounds like a combination of snow rain and wind on the way, so strap yourselves in, it could be a bumpy ride!

All last evening my wrist and arm was so painful, and the only way I could get comfortable in bed was on my side, with my arm on the pillow as well.

Without warning, and as quick as a flash, huge spasm shot down this arm to my hand, which was in a fist (does that sometimes), and before I knew it, I had punched myself in the eye! The language under my breath was not nice!

Imagine my relief this morning to see that, although watery, I did not have a black eye…that would have taken some explaining!

I have chuckled to myself today when thinking about it, so I hope it has brought a smile to you, or at the very least, lightened your day, even for a little bit.

Pam X



sorry to hear about your smack in the face, but must admit to a small schoolboy snigger at the thought. My own experience of amusing uncontrolled spasm was when I taught the cat how to fly off the duvet as a result of an unexpected kicking.

once I knew she was ok I chuckled about it too.

Lets hope these spasms are random.


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Those spasms have a lot to answer for! Mine always seem to come when I’m falling asleep, nice and relaxed either a cat nap sitting watching tv or lying in bed… “Whack! Heeeeey Rosie… you weren’t thinking of sleeping there were you?? Guess who’s popped round to visit? Surprise!!!”

My pets have suffered similar to yours Mick. The last time I punched my dog Dali on her furry butt while she was lying sleeping with me in bed. I felt awful cos it was her face the way she looked at me - “wtf mum!!!” I couldn’t help but laugh too tho…


Hi Mick

what are we like, spasms seem to appear especially when I am trying to relax. Luckily my little Yorkie was led at the bottom of the bed, so was not inconvenienced, he would not have been pleased…he is tiny but affectionately known as ‘mighty mouth’!!

Glad it brought a smile for you.

Pam x

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Hi Libertine

Snap, mine are always worse when trying to relax, such a bummer when sleep does not come easily anyway.

Ms certainly has a lot to answer to.

Hope the weather is ok where you are, we woke up to snow this morning and so cold.

Pam x

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Hello Pam.

“I walked into the door”, comes to mind. I hope you’ve recovered. Sleeping can be so tiring!!! I’ve found magnesium citrate pills (they’re massive) have helped. I also tend to fall asleep on the sofa which is more comfortable, even whilst upright. I getting a riser recliner soon. I may as well sell the bed and have a train set there instead.

Best wishes, Steve.


Hi Steve

Good that you’re having a riser recliner, mine has been great, especially if your feet swell up like mine does.

It always amazes me that I can be soooooo tired, and yet do not find it very easy to ‘drop off’, but afternoons I could sleep easily, but worry if I have more than a little nap, nighttime will be more difficult.

Have a good weekend, snow here and so cold.

Pam x

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