Night sweats

I have these intermittently, does anyone else?

Used to. Since i started treatment it has subsided. Very rarely do i have them now, but when i did, i used to wake in a puddle. I was completely drenched from head to toe. You did not say if you were on any treatmenr.

I had them a lot when I was in Rebif, they have stopped since I came off the stuff. Worth speaking to a GP about though as it could be a symptom of something else.

Yes I get them probably about 3 times a month and I’m on Rebif but it could well be my age, I’m 50. They’re very unpleasant and uncomfortable.

me too…sometimes waken and have to peel the quilt off.i’m also on rebif and ms nurse said that could be the cause but not certain so just live with it now as it’s not every night

I get them most nights and they are horrible. I’m getting to ‘that age’ now (I’m 49) but I’ve been having them for 10 years so I’m sure they’re not hormone related. I’m waiting for testing for autonomic dysfunction at the moment and it can be one of the symptoms…


I wake up every morning drenched from the chest up. I’m 48 but this has been happening since my first big relapse at age 44 so I’m not sure it’s hormones. I was on Rebif but stopped taking that in September and the overheating hasn’t stopped so I don’t think that is the connection either.

If I get too cold during the day it takes ages to warm up but when I get too hot I can’t cool down. I wish there was a happy medium

Tracey x

I’m 29, on no treatment. I’m the same as you Elmo, can’t warm up for ages then I can’t cool down. Anyone any good with thermostats?

I also have very hard time regulating my body temperature. open to hearing anyones suggestions

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Hi, at last I’ve found other people with thermostat problems, I cannot stop overheating, the slightest movement &I am awash, at the moment I have two fans going all night, then in the winter it’s the other way round, I find it very hard to keep warm, many layers , fleece wrap.If I overheat the best remedy I’ve found is an ice pack (the type you put in a picnic bag). wrapped in a tea towel & put into the back of trouser waistband. Is this temperature control thing common in MS ?

I find it useful to stand in the garden in my pants ha ha, it is quite secluded so won’t upset too many of the neighbours. I’m often out there at night too when I feel a bit woo and boiling hot from the inner thermals.So I go out and watch the stars and cool down and take in the air - then go back to bed!