Nigella Saliva Oil (Black Cumin)

HI Everyone - hope you are all ready for tomorrow and able to enjoy Christmas and new year . A friend has been telling me about Nigella Sativa / Black Cumin Oil - apparently it’s one of those things that helps all kinds of health conditions, including MS!! I’ve looked online and the ‘blurb’ about it seems to indicate that it boosts the immune system - well us MSers already have overactive immune systems don’t we? So I’m not sure that it would be sensible for me to try it. Just wondering if anyone on here has heard of it / tried it - and did it help with MS symptons or not? Any info would be useful so hope to hear from some of you.

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Never heard of it. I think our immune systems are faulty so something that makes it work accurately might be beneficial. Who knows? May be worth a try. I swear by echinacea when I feel a virus coming on and that’s meant to boost the immune system too. Hope someone can help. Merry Christmas! Ann xx

People who have MS should not be taking any echinacea or other immune system boosters.

The only thing that will help MS is a DMD once you find one that works with your body.

Save your money

I have heard of Nigella’s Columbian dancing powder, but not this one. Sorry.

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I’m with Hobs on immune boosters. I’m rather doubtful they have the effects claimed anyway, but I steer clear of them, as I wouldn’t want to chance it. I don’t want my immune system boosted, so it can devour more myelin - MS is NOT a problem with a “weak” immune system.

Oh, and as a general tip, be sceptical of anything that claims to be effective for “all kinds of conditions”. Health problems have different underlying causes, so how could the same treatment help all of them? That would mean it would have to be doing different things in the body, depending what the nature of the problem is - and how could it magically “know”? Different problems have different solutions - not one-size-fits-all.

The only area I would disagree slightly with Hobs is I do think there’s compelling evidence Vitamin D is important for people with MS. If you could only choose one supplement, choose that one.


Oh actually I’m with you on Vit D3 Anitra, I was refering to potions. My Neuro bod said that high does vitd3 latest data showed they slow down MS progression and cut down relaspes so I take 7,000 iu daily Vit D3 is actually a hormone not strictly a vitamin, its a bit pointless taking standard vitD we need the D3 bit

Many years ago I read about liquorice powder capsules and they allow the body to make natural steroids. Well 3 months later GP called me in as my potassium levels was dangerously high and could lead to heart attack etc and this was down to them.

Also if you have a cold or UTI or any infection bacterial/virus the body makes extra white cells which I guess is why if you had bad cold or back to back UTI some get a minor relapse shortly after with a bit more active MS.

My haematologist explained if you had a course or steroids oral or intravenous its a biological shock to the system, the body releases extra white cells afterwards from marrowbone which can lead to elevated white count just after steroids.

The immune system isn’t just white cells but killer T cells and helper white cells etc etc some DMD’s work by supressing some of these T cells so does anyone know what these immune system booster boost do? which part of the immune system do they boost, bet they don’t say on the back of btls.

Thanks Ann, Hobs, Whammel and Tina. Whammel I love the sound of dancing powder - should I be looking out for you on ‘Strictly’? hehe…

Hobs and Tina - you’re thinking along the same lines as me. I am sceptical about ‘cure all’ stuff but when a close friend is so convinced they’ve found something that ‘will help’ I kind of feel I ought to look into it and posting on here is part of that process. Thanks for all your comments - mcuh appreciated.

Must get off to bed now - don’t want to be awake when Santa calls!

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Aha, we are on the same page, then. :wink: It was the: “Only thing that will help is a DMD…” part I was questioning. I thought: “Hmmm, not necessarily true - Vitamin D might help as well, and is probably the only thing you can buy over the counter that’s well-supported by evidence.”

My neuro was certainly pushing it last visit, as well. Though interestingly, he was a new neuro - or new to me, anyway - and the first in over three years since diagnosis to mention anything about it.

Luckily, I’d been supplementing since the time MS was first suspected, without waiting to be told. Three years is a little bit late to mention it, isn’t it? I pity the poor patient who says: “What? Never heard of it! Why have you left it three years to tell me?”


Yeah mines only actively been telling people for over a year now saying min 5,000 iu.

Also intersting study for men with testosterone supplements slows down brain grey matter atrophy.

Study don’t say if the men get extra hairy though

re the black cumin oil, a pakistani friend told me that her family always took black seeds for ailments, which i suppose is the same.

i use a lot of cumin in my cooking but not for medicicnal purposes.

carole x

Hobs you are sorely misguided into thinking the big pharma companies have your best interest in mind. There interested in one thing and one thing only. There pockets. Thee is no money in a cure only treatment where they can fleece you for years. MS is not because of a hyperactive immune system. It is a CONFUSED immune system where it thinks the mylen sheath is a foreign objecy and attacks it. Taking stuff like blak seed oil which actually helps regulate and balance the immune system is helpful. I know first hand because I take it daily. So let me see here I take the doctors reccomended DMD and I need a cane and exactly one week after starting it I start having seizures. I take 3mg of LDN nightly and 1 tablespoon of black seed oil daily. With NO DMD’s I have no more seizures and I don’t need a cane. I feel better and am more mobile.

Black seed stimulates bone marrow and immune cells and raises the interferon production, protects normal cells against cell destroying effects of viruses, destroys tumor cells and raises the number of anti-bodies producing B cells.
~ Cancer Immuno-biology Laboratory ,South Carolina

You need to do some research bro before you try to tell people your opinions about something that can actually help them.

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garymusser you are 100% entirely correct and Hobbs is yet another member of the public that have been brain washed my Big Pharma and doctors etc. Nigella Seeds not only are one of the most powerful Anti-inflammatory products in the world BUT they also have had excellent results in mice of remyelination.

I would point you to see my FB page but the mods on here would prob delete my post.

Read more detailed info everyone and research for yourself…


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l bought some of this oil - after reading about it. And l thought it was ‘for rubbing in’ not for ingesting!!!

Shall start again with it.

Now don’t go blaming ‘big pharma’ and our doctors - they need to keep us ill. We keep the tills ringing.

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An aggressive attitude like that will likely get you kicked off again.

“People just don’t know and IF they aren’t willing to look into things themselves then it certainly isn’t my job to try and convince them.” A bit of a contradiction there then, by you posting what you did I think.