NICE guidelines for treatment of MS

I don’t know if anyone already posted this - NICE guidelines for the treatment of MS, which came out in October. Sorry to do it again if you’ve already seen it. Worth reading if you haven’t - many gems in there. I spent time marvelling at how far short my treatment has been from the ideal. Then again, this is guidance going forward, so maybe things will improve because of this document.

I’m planning on asking for better care on the strength of this document - I’ll post about how far I get with this (not expecting much but we’ll see). Please do the same if you feel like it and let us all know how you get on. I’m particularly interested in the idea of getting help with exercise from the NHS. My local NHS provided physio-led MS exercise class is about to close, although this seems to be exactly what NICE recommends.


I enquired ages ago about free/subsidised gym membership on the NHS, but it turned out it was only a fixed-duration supervised course, so they would specify the time and day of the week I had to go. I thought that was absolutely useless, with such a variable condition, as there are some days I don’t get as far as getting dressed, let alone heading for the gym. I would need flexibility to go when I am up to it. If they said it’s every Tuesday at 10:00, for 12 weeks, I’d probably miss a quarter to a third of them, making it pointless to sign up in the first place. And it wouldn’t have been specifically designed around MS, of course. I think the typical nominee is more likely to be struggling with obesity.