Gym Membership

I have such an achy leg/hip and just wondering if there is a gym referral scheme for sufferers of MS? I presume not but thought it was worth an ask!

Also need to join a slimming club to lose some of this excess weight!

There are gym on prescription placements available to people with ms. Usually short sessions (about 12 weeks) if you think it would benefit you ask your nurse or GP for a referral. if no such scheme operates mught be wirth asking to see a neuro physio for some rehabilitation. Good luck.

I asked, and a referral scheme does exist in my area, BUT, it’s not as simple as free (or subsidised) gym membership, where you choose how often you go, and what you do there. As the previous poster says, it was more like a 12 week supervised course. I suppose some people might like that, but I thought I’d find it far too regimented and inflexible. I just wanted an opportunity to try a few different things at my own pace - not be told what I’ve got to do, and what time I’ve got to do it. Tina

Oh yes Tina, I wouldn’t be keen on that either - apart from anything else I have a one year old child so would need to be able to work it round her which isn’t always the easiest.