Gym membership

Beware if you take out gym/swimming pool membership that you might get copped for trying to leave without a month’s notice. I had a relapse but could not leave my membership immediately- sadly my MS did not tell me a month in advance so I could plan leaving the pool

I have a monthly membership, although I have not as yet needed to take a substantial break. Took about a 3 week break with my last relapse but as soon as I could get about with a walker I was back (can’t walk, can still do other stuff!) - and I’m currently having another 2-week break as I’ve just been in for Lemtrada but plan to get back this week. Being a member and paying whether I go or not is a good incentive…

I do agree it’s important to be mindful of flexibility when taking out a membership - one of the sucky “can’t plan stuff” aspects of our lives :frowning: Fortunately, a month’s membership is not a lot of money anyway for me, as it’s a community gym (£30 a month pretty reasonable I think, for gym, pool & spa).

i had my gym membership suspended for a couple of months, would your not do the same?

i hav been a member at my gym for 20 years and have only just left.

it has a lot of help for disabled members which is a recent development.

when i got my diagnosis i asked one of the senior trainers if he could recommend which machines to use.

he had never met anyone with ms and now there is a steady (UNSTEADY) stream of us.

go back and tell them that you will really need exercise once your relapse is over.

if they value your custom they should agree to suspend your membership

carole x

Bannatynes have not! They have reduced my month’s notice fee by a bit. Seems to be their membership department as my local branch said I could go. I will not rejoin them but have joined a smaller one for six weeks to see how I get on

that is not good!

there seems to be an explosion in cheap gyms across the country though so see if there are any better deals around when you’re able to. I only pay £11.99 a month for a gym that is open 24hours a day and has everything in it that I need. They also allow me to suspend my membership for just a couple of quid a month.

I’m with Virgin Active - who have been excellent. When I needed to take time off for treatment (Lemtrada) they let me suspend my membership for as long as I needed (in the end, three weeks. Was expecting it to be longer!). . I’m lucky enough to see a personal trainer once a week. I was seeing Max when I had my first symptoms and was told I might have MS. He was the first person I told after my fiancé (as he was walking me to the squat rack, it felt only fair to tell him I couldn’t feel my feet and had had an MRI of my spine before h loaded me up!). He was great and looked into the condition, and we’ve since built in exercises with my condition in mind - inc core stability through compound exercises and boxing for cardio and cognitive reflex under stress. One of my odd symptoms is a sensory sensation on my left arm - like butterflies. We make sure when I have this to do dumb bell exercises to monitor left v right side strength and mobility. So far there’s no difference which is reassuring for me. Max also helps me keep focus on my fitness goals -i.e. To be strong and well, with an emphasis on functional training rather than focusing on being thin (although we have agreed once I’m through round 2 Lem in a couple of weeks, I can become a bridezilla and start targeting workouts at how I want to look in my wedding photos next spring!).

Realise I have written a whole load of waffle off topic. In short, VA have been v good re gym suspension for medical reasons. I love my trainer - and occasionally when I worry about the cost, I remind myself of the above. I am also writing this on the train home following a v good day’s PT session - so am full of the joys of the work that exercise endorphins (and the feeling that every work out is a smack in the face to Ms) bring!

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