NHS Continuing Healthcare - anyone with experience?

Hi there

My Mum is severely affected by MS and my father (her carer) is currently undergoing the process of applying for NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding. I was wondering if anyone had any experience of this and if so, any helpful advice or resources that you could share?

One website that we have found online is Care to be Different’. They sell an e-book however I wanted to check that this wasn’t a scam before purchasing so if anyone has bought this in the past, your experience with this online company would be appreciated!

Thank you!


Hi My mum has SEVERE and advanced MS and we have NHS continuing care.

It took us a long time to ride the process but we are now there!

Please message me anything you would like to ask xxx

I’m applying with my wife at the moment for my myself (I’m paraplegic, doubly incontinent and have limited arm use to give an idea of how bad I am and still struggling to get it). Feel free to PM me to share experiences, all I can say to start with is grab the DST framework off the net and familiarise yourself with it and case law regarding it, there are two sites I found useful, caretobedifferent and beaconchc. Didn’t get the book, but we employed a solicitor instead to assist (much more expensiv I guess). hopefully your trust is easier to work with than mine, but I’ve found the process so far a real uphill struggle.

Hi, not knowing just what continuing healthcare is, I googled the subject and read some stuff from a firm at the top of the page.

Is this care and funding only for people in nursing homes? Or can it be used at home too?

It sounds like it can be a nightmare to work your way through it and the NHS often wrongly tell people they are not entitled to such funding, when in fact, they are!

So good luck to all who are trying for it and bless you for being such wonderful carers/family.

Who knows where any of us will end up?

much luv Polx

Hi Pol

I believe NHS Continuing Healthcare includes care at home also. If you are successful, they assess your needs and put together a care package which would be tailored for your needs whether that be at home, including respite care, or in a nursing home.

It isn’t means tested which is crucial and is based purely (supposedly) on your needs. If they are above what the local authority can deal with then the NHS should pay. (Please anyone correct me if I am wrong!)

Are you thinking that you or someone you know should be entitled? My Mum has been in the same condition for years now (unable to do anything herself like eating, drinking, moving, she rarely speaks and we are unsure of her mental capacity) with my Dad caring for her 24/7. However, we have only just been informed that we could apply for this funding and were completely unaware that it existed for a long time!

Thank you for your luck!

Cheers for making it clearer to me. No, not at the mo, but I do rely heavily on hubby and carers, so who knows what might occur down the line.


Thanks for your message. Yeah, always good to be informed :slight_smile:

Hi my sister has progressive MS and is doubly incontinent and bedridden, she has continuing care which is for her to use as she wants. She has a care agency and has pesonal carers. They came out to her house and sorted it all out asked us how much care she needed and then they sorted it all out for us.

Hi Michelle

Thank you for your information.

Do you know if the process of applying for continuing care was a particularly difficult one for your sister or did it all go through fairly smoothly? Do you know if your sister had any representatives during the process who supported her i.e. specialist MS nurse? Glad to hear that she is getting the right support.