NHS Continuing Healthcare

Has anyone with MS applied for NHS Continuing Healthcare? Or have you applied for it for someone else? It is apparently a battle to obtain it. I have started the process on behalf of my wife who has PPMS. There was a small amount of discussion on this forum 3 years ago, but surprisingly nothing that I have been able to find since. I would be very pleased to hear other people’s experiences in making applications and details of their outcomes.

This is for Healthcare, as opposed to Social Care. As a carer, I find it difficult to separate the two, but the professionals seem to do it all the time.

I have some experience but still in the middle of a dense fog.

My wife’s condition deteriorated and her needs increased. The social worker referred her case to an NHS Nurse Assessor who interviewed us in order to complete a Decision Support Tool. The score on this document determined whether her needs met the eligibility criteria.

If the score is high enough the case is referred to a decision-making panel, who scrutinise the assessment and make the award.

NHS continuing Healthcare is for both care and social care. I battled for 2 years to get it for my husband. The CCG said it was for healthcare only. But they are wrong. I took them to the Parliamentary Ombudsman and won. I am a retired Nurse/ Midwife and know the rules and regulations regarding continuing healthcare. There is an organisation called Beacon which gives free legal advice about the rules and regulations. These so called guidelines are in fact laws that every CCG has to abide by. I am not well liked by our CCG but my husband gets the best of care by them. It took a long time but was well worth it. If anyone needs any help reply to this message. And as I stated before, when you are assessed as being eligible for continuing healthcare, they are then responsible for your social care too. And there are no financial contributions.

Hello Richard, I don’t know if this organisation will be of assistance, going forward - Good luck.

(I’ve just spotted that Amyloid mentioned Beacon…!)

Beacon are certainly the people to ask. They give free telephone consultations ( a set amount but enough) They helped me with my husbands’s care.

Hi Richard, I was never told about CHC but while searching I came across it. I applied for it on behalf of my husband and set the ball rolling. It was a long journey with many letters being sent from various medical professionals my husband was under. It was taken to panel and only 1 person objected and that was my husbands Social worker!!! All The medical professionals were stunned as she should have been on his side. She was laughed off the panel and 3 years ago hubby got CHC. This is reviewed every year. They look to see if you have Primary Health needs of which my husband has many. Good LUck its a hard slog at times but dont give up.

Why is everything a battle? Money do you think? You sound like my mum, she’s a retired nurse and in effect has saved my dads live three times by challenging the medical profession. She can’t believe how bad (I mean the system) it has got since she retired. What happens to people who aren’t capable or don’t have anyone?