newt recipes anyone?

Hello all,

I am just wondering if anyone here might be able to advise me how on earth I can reduce the amount of newts I have in my pond. I am a vegetarian and what not, but since I have learned that the reduction in frog numbers is caused by all the newts we have, I can’t help but snarl at the soggy so and sos every time I see them. The only good news is that newts also eat their own tadpoles, but either way my garden is now a frog free zone. Fume!!


I was intrigued by this post so even though I am not an amphibian expert, couldn’t resist a quick google…

Froglife says (Newts: in my garden)

If you’re concerned about the impact of a large newt population on your tadpoles, there is normally no need to worry. A natural predator/prey relationship will establish itself over a number of years, so that while newt numbers are high, frog numbers are low and vice-versa. In some cases a pond may become either a ‘frog pond’ or a ‘newt pond’ and while it may be disappointing for you to see one species excluded this is perfectly natural and it’s best not to interfere.

Or you always try extracting the eyes for a good old eye-of-newt potion?