Newly Diagnosed

Good evening.

I having been lurking in the background for about a month so thought I would introduce myself.

I am 49 and I have had problems with my left leg not working for about 18 months and had a cervical, thoracic and brain MRI, in Sept and Dec 2014. These show that I have 3 lesions one in cervical and 2 in thoracic area but none in my brain. Had Lumber Puncture on 3 March but until no results. Rang hospital 6 weeks ago and again 2 weeks ago to be told all results back and letter to gp just needed signing.

Been to see my GP today to see if he can chase results to be told he had a letter on 20 March telling him the LP result shows that I have MS ! Not a happy bunny. So I don’t know when I was going to get told by the hospital as my next appointment is not until the end of September. He is now writing to consultant to see what is happening.

Look forward to speaking to you all

hi cinders

sorry that you have been diagnosed with ms.

very sorry that the results didn’t go directly to you.

i was lucky to have a fab neuro who phoned me to put me out of my misery!

did the letter say which type of ms you have?

relapsing remitting ms or primary progressive ms?

either way you will learn to deal with it.

the booklets are excellent and free of charge - go to publications on this site.

hope you can be happy in our exclusive club.

post with any questions or worries and we will do our best to help.

carole x

Thanks Carole

I’m not surprised by the diagnosis really just wondering when I would have been told if I had not asked.

He didn’t say which type , he just read the test results out to me and when I asked what they meant he just said you have MS. He’s given me some Baclofen to start taking.

I will have a look at the publications thanks

Cinders x

Hi Cinders, I think you’ve been treated very badly!!! why you had to find out yourself, via GP, I think is appalling!!! All the questions you need answering, not good at all. Quite horrified to be honest. You need answers before sept, raise hell,I would Tracey x

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