Newly diagnosed

Hi, I was recently diagnosed with ms two weeks ago after a long 2yrs of symptoms and relapses. In a way I’m glad to know but also obv don’t want to have ms. I am after advice really as I have been on ldn since July 12 and now waiting on my ms nurse apt as my nuro suggests I go on copaxzone injections. Is anyone else on this med and what do you think about it?? Or is anyone on ldn and think I should stick on it - feel unsure what to do as I’m just home from holiday and and feel like everything is up in the air at the moment. I have a young family and obv want best treatment so I can be well for them -would appreciate any help or advice on what I should do next? Thxs k

I don’t know I have no dx as yet but wanted to say hi. Have you tried asking on the every day living forum too. I’m sure someone said once that theres a site you can visit that helps with drug decisions X

Hi ya, yes there is a website; it’s called ms decsions. It’s definitely worth having a look at. DMDs are designed to help reduce the amount and severity of relapes and the ms decisions website has info on the drugs available as well as a quick questionnaire aimed at whittling down the choices based on your own answers (there are no right or wrong answers). Lots of people are on DMDs (I’m on them myself) and many have had good results. But it really is a very personal decision as to whether you decide to opt for them yourself. My advice is to ensure you’re well informed before deciding anything. I’ve never tried ldn myself so I can’t comment really. Have a good nose about before deciding what to do is my take on it. Good luck with whatever you decide. Debbie xx

Hi ya, it’s worth having a look on the ms decisions website. It has info on the the dmds, plus a questionnaire aimed at reducing the options, based on your own answers (there are no right or wrong answers). DMDs are designed to help reduce the frequency and severity of relapses by approx a third. A lot of people are on them (not everyone with ms is offered them) and many have good results. My advice, is to ensure you’re well informed before making any decisions. I can’t comment on ldn myself because I’ve never tried it, although there are some who have, on the Everday Living forum. There’s no immediate rush, take your time in deciding what you want to do. Good luck, Debbie xx (this is my 2nd reply, the 1st one disappeared).

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