First apt with ms nurse today - help!!

Hi, I was given my Dx on 12th June 13, which just so happened to be my wedding anniversary I then went on holiday on 16th. To be honest I just don’t know how I feel about it? I just feel like I have stepped into limbo land some days I am in such bad form others I try to reason with things but I am struggling so much with fatigue. I also had my first ms nurse apt who I must say was lovely and did explain things really well but I’m still unsure what the future means and now the hard choice of dmds - Help I need advice I am currently taking Ldn since last July so only drug I can have with it is copaxsone but I have to stop the Len for next two weeks as if it isn’t actually happening I an choose between the other 3 interferon drugs. Would appreciate any advice on these drugs and how I should deal with dx and this heat is completely making my fatigue so much worse. Many thanks x

Hi, sorry to hear of your diagnosis, it can take a while to let it all sink in. Your feelings about it will probably be up and down for quite a while, I was dx in Feb and I’m still finding some days I’m better adjusted than others! Take each day as it comes and be kind to yourself as much as you can. If you haven’t already Have a look at it’s a really useful site when trying to decide on dmd’s. I hope you had a good holiday under the circumstances :slight_smile: Laura.

Don’t know why that came out anon!