Newly diagnosed

Today I was told I definitely have MS. Unlike the poor unfortunates on the internet, I was lucky and had a diagnosis in 7 months. Presenting as relapsing remitting as per the majority and my neuro has referred me on given his is a vascular speciaility.

Feelings are mixed. Had prepared myself for today and am feeling mightily positive overall with dashes of sadness for the carefree existence that now evades me.

Such is life and the chocolate Forrest Gump’s box afforded me.

The only way is up. We’re here for a good time not a long time.

As a health professional myself, I’ve seen too many sad cases of people becoming their diseases. I will not be another addition.

My testiment will be, I did it all and I did it smiling.

Wishing everyone on this, a happy, fun filled and sunny outlook.

hi anon

you sound very positive and thats good.

be prepared for a comedown though, i had one 12 months after dx.

i use my understanding of ms to explain to people why i keep forgetting names and other stuff

“…thats the bit of my brain with scars on…”

carole x

Great attitude, anon. I hope mine will be similar if I ever get diagnosed x