Just Diagnosed - Very Hap

Hey everyone,
I just got diagnosed yesterday with RRMS. My first reaction actually wasn’t fear or anger, but relief and happiness. My mum commented on how weird it was that we were celebrating a life changing disability but this has been a 2.5 year journey of pain. I am just so happy that I can start a new chapter of my life and get the treatment I need. I guess I wanted to post so I could just get some reassurance that my feelings are normal. I know they’re maybe not the most common, but I don’t think I could be happier right now.

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Makes complete sense, I was different since I had meningitis at 19. I didn’t get a diagnosis until I was 38 after five years of bad symptoms. I had never known what it was or why, I just knew something was wrong.

Getting a diagnosis for me changed things for the positive, I knew why things hurt or were different and that I could try and stop things getting worse. I was elated almost, as things just made sense.

Are you being referred into an MS clinic? Are you being suggested DMD’s?

Thank you for this, it really helps that someone else felt like this too! Being referred to the MS clinic at Southampton, though how long it’ll take depends on how COVID continues to develop. Hopefully it’ll be soon so I can start something.

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Best of luck. Hopefully your Neuro and Nurses are as fantastic as mine and that you get an assertive DMD… pays to read up in advance.

Welcome to the wobbly club :smiley:

Well done you for the positive viewpoint and I can concur that those kind of feelings are exceedingly normal! It’s funny how things all of a sudden click into place and make sense when the diagnosis happens. Best of luck with treatment and hopefully you’ll have the greatest of care and support.

You’re very normal. I did a happy dance for days after getting my diagnosis, while my family cried around me and my mother started asking me to buy a burial plot. They’ve come around now, and it was just such a relief to finally have a reason behind all my weird symptoms.

Your reaction is definitely normal, don’t worry! I was fortunate that my diagnosis only took 14 months, but even that amount of time felt unbearable - I’d dealt with my sadness and anger in the first few months, and by the time I got the diagnosis I was relieved the limbo period was over, and happy that I could finally start getting some practical support and access to medication. I think those who haven’t experienced it may think a positive reaction to a diagnosis is us being deep in denial and “putting a brave face on it” but that’s absolutely not the case - it’s just nice to know what’s happening and feel like you can now be proactive about trying to manage it! Plus there’s the relief that it isn’t anything more serious/life limiting!

I hope your initial appointments with the MS team go well :slightly_smiling_face: