Finally diagnosed

After 7 long months of tests and worry I was finally diagnosed with RRMS yesterday. I mostly feel relief. Not sure how but it’s true. I’ve got an MS nurse who I see next week, and will be starting on DMDs at some point. I feel lucky really to finally be getting the help I need and focused to live the best life I can. I just wanted to say to those in limbo that there is light at the end of the tunnel and to stay strong through the process. It’s tough but you can get through it. I feel lighter this morning even though I’ve now got a new set of challenges.

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Finally getting a confirmed diagnosis is a huge weight lifted from your shoulders.

Now the fun really begins.

My only advice to you is keep on at whoever. Become a real pain to them and never give up asking questions.

Remember, if you dont ask you dont get.

They will never contact you unless they want something.

i understand exactly what you mean.

my first reaction was relief.

your ms nurse will be a huge support to you and will help you decide which DMD you wish to try.

stay strong and good luck

carole x

Thanks both. It really is a rollercoaster isn’t it. I’m spending this afternoon weighing up my DMD options. A bit scary in parts but i think it might be the best option for me.


Sometimes it does feel like a relief to get the diagnosis. And you are doing the right thing by concentrating on the future and taking a DMD that will help avoid relapses.

Have you looked at

It might help you to understand the benefits and possible side effects from the different drugs.