Diagnosed last week

Hi was diagnosed last week with rrms my head is all over the place, it’s the first thing I think of A night and the first thing in the morning, how do people cope with it. I know it’s early days and need time to get my head around things but it’s so hard

Hi Carol,

Sorry about your diagnosis.

When i was diagnosed i was a complete mess. I didn’t even know what day it was!!

You are doing much better than i did already as i could not face any of it and there is no way i could have come on here to read how all this was going to affect me. I just wanted to bury my head in the sand and hope it would all just go away.

You have done the right thing though as you will get so much support on here and people can help you with any problems.

I was diagnosed 7 years ago and have been on the dmd for 6 and a half.

MS affects people so differently so it’s best not to worry too much about what is going to happen and to try and take it one step at a time. Take things at your own pace (mine was snails pace) lol!! and you will be able to move forward.

Take Care

Teresa. x

Hi, I was diagnosed 5 weeks ago and am going with the strap line ‘keep calm and carry on’ I don’t really know what else to do but it’s the best advice i can offer you at the moment. It does get better although I feel as though I have been on emotional rollercoaster. I also have RRMS but don’t fully know what it means, it seems like its different for everyone.I am seeing a ms nurse tomorrow so hopefully I will be a step closer to getting treatment. It’s been 5 months since my last full blown attack. I’ve recently returned to work and have build myself up to 24 hours a week, the aim in 36. All i can say after my short few weeks experience is …Surround ur self with good friends and family if u can. Read only info from reputable sites , don’t be hard on yourself and keep asking questions. And most importantly…keep calm and carry on. Sending a hug xxxx

I was diagnosed the other day after collapsing at home… It seems I may have had this for some time but didnt realise. I just thought i was tired. I am not at all sad about it, but need to understand and learn more. I have absolutely no idea what to do next! So I have joined in here to learn more and gain any advice. The dreams and motions I had put in place for my family are shattered. All I want to do now is act upon it and make the best of a difficult situation.

The time around diagnosis is arguably one of the toughest, but there are plenty of us about that can put hands on hearts and promise that it does get better; you will get through it!

Take it slow, be patient with yourself and your loved ones (they are freaking out too, but probably trying not to show it!), make sure you ask for help if and when you need it (for physical and emotional problems) and don’t overwhelm yourself with information. If you want to learn about MS, you can download or order hard copies of information booklets from here and from the MS Trust. When you read them please keep in mind that MS is massively variable and the booklets have to cover everything - no one gets every symptom, most people do not end up in a wheelchair 24/7 and, actually, the vast majority of us live relatively normal lives. Basically, yes, MS sucks at times, but life can still be good!

A couple of things you should know: you need to tell the DVLA that you have been diagnosed (and your insurance company - don’t worry, they cannot put your premium up) and you should check any critical health policy you have - MS is a payable condition. (Make sure and check your mortgage and anything else that might have a critical health cover clause in it too.)

One day at a time - you’ll be OK!

Karen x

Hi Carol, I know how you feel. I was dx 5 months ago and it is still the first thing I think of in the morning and the last at night! Time does help though and I have come to accept this. Google ‘the five stages of grief’ and this may help you to understand how you’re feeling a bit better. You are grieving for the lost you. As Karen says take it day-by-day and you’ll get through. Thinking of you, Teresa xx

Hello and welcome Carol,

Sorry about your dx, but as the others have said take one day at a time. It does take time to come to terms with it and no two people are the same. Remember to ask for help if and when you need it and involve your family as they will worry for you. If you feel like having a rant, moan or just chat then we’re all here for you.

Take care


Hi and a welcome from me too.I am three months in and doing ok.Have to warn you if you are anything like me (which I doubt as ms has a habit of being totally unique to each of us) you just get used to the idea then an appt with the nurse comes along,then OT, then you start if appropriate choosing and starting on meds.

I have found going with the flow and accepting things change on an almost daily basis is the best way for me. It wont kill you and ms will never allow you to become bored, so allow yourself as much time as you need to learn the new you.

No question on here is daft,there is no such thing as too many questions,and you can guarantee if you have a strange feeling or symptom you cant describe someone on here has had it.

Keep your nearest and dearest involved all the way as they too may have difficulties and fears about your dx.

Take care


Hi, I was dx just before christmas, I did have a great christmas, i was relieved
I knew what it was, but I was also in shock! my Husband brought me a book by Judy Graham treating MS naturally, It really helped me to be more positive and helped me understand a bit more about ms and what to do to help with the symptoms, I tried to be positive and not get stress about it, but sometimes it’s hard, it will get better with time.