newly diagnosed

Recieved confirmation of MS diagnosis this morning. I feel okay about the results because, I now know why I have been suffering all those years. My head is all over the place at the moment and now I will have to let my family know. Just to wait now for appointment with nuerologist. I wonder how long that will be?.

Hi Bibby, receiving the news that we have a name for all those years of stuff going on, must be a two edged sword. On one hand, everything now has an explanation, but on the other hand, this is gonna be for the rest of your life. For some, that means a change from how you expected your life to go. It could mean a change of work/early retirement.

it does take some time to get your head round. Take that time, love and never beat yourself up for feeling tired, sad or whatever. You didnt do this to yourself.You didnt ask for it to happen.

Look after yourself and accept all the help you are offered. No medals for bravery with this battle, I`m afraid.

much luv, Pollx

Hi bibby and welcome .

Getting a dx will send you spinning in several directions. Up one second, down the next… and unable to think about anything else. The one thing I can promise you is that it will get easier. In meantime, try to go with the flow. Don’t fight the emotions. Take it very much ‘one minute at a time’.

It is hard telling family but as they no doubt know that something has been wrong for all this time they probably won’t be as shocked as you think.

My mum (who I was very worried about telling) said ‘Oh thank God, I thought you had Parkinson’s’. So you might find their reaction very different than you think.

Also you don’t have to tell them all at once. If you think it is going to be very hard telling them, you could tell one close family member and ask them to tell the rest of family.

Take it easy, go with it. Remember, it will get easier.

Pat x

Sorry to hear your news,but I know from experience knowing the reason for things is often a relief.

There is no rush to tell folk til you are ready but as Rizzo always says from a housekeeping point of view you must inform dvla and insurance.Also check your mortgage cover as your critical illness will cover ms.

Dont forget we are always here.


Hi Bibby,

sorry to hear your diagnosis - will take ages/years to sink in.

This is a great site for help and advice. I only told immediate family until symptoms showed and people

were getting suspicious. Take your time and get your head around it first.Be ready for

lots of questions. If you have young children there are books that you can read with them.

Hope you have an MS nurse who can help you through the initial stage.

Keep well and take care

Jen xx