been told i have ms

Hi everyone. I really need some support right now, Ive been ill for over 4 years and my life has turned upside down, my family has a big history of ms and lots of people had told me that my symptoms were just like ms, so i went to the dr the other month and mentioned it. I honestly thought he was say god no nothing like that but instead he said it really does sound like it but u need tests to confirm it. He sent me for blood tests and reffered me to the hospital (ive also had 5 major falls down the stairs in 3 years), the 1st lot of blood tessts come back showing signs of ms. I had the hospital today and was there for over 3 hours, thank god i took a friend for moral support. When it came down to the talking to the dr (i saw 3 different people) she sat me down and said u already knew this was coming but werent sure but it is ms all the signs,symptoms and blood tests are pointing towards it but you need a mri to prove it now. The waiting list for a mri in my hospital is 4 weeks so ive got to go back and see her end of aug. I walked out of there and burst into tears.

In a way yes i kind of expected it but its a huge shock and im really upset. But my attitude is also that the sooner i can get on the right treatment i can fight this and i wont take it lying down.

I had exactly the same news yesterday, after resisting the urge to drink an off licence dry (did have one bottle of red)

i found comimg onto this site and posting a message helped,i’ve had so many replies from people offering support and personal stories, that i stopped thinking soley of myself.

I’m still coming to terms with it, and i’m trying to organize what order to do things, but i realise i still have time, the urge to do everything at once is there so coming on here helps me focus

i hope things go well for you, you look to have a positive attitude

if you want keep in touch we can compare how we are both going :slight_smile:

I am so sorry to hear your news. It is such a massive thing to come to terms with. I was shocked by my diagnosis as i had convinced myself i was going to be told it was restless legs. I myself have never cried so much. Every single day in the beginning. Never been so angry - why me. It’s been 1 1/2 years now. Every day seems a battle having to manage the bl…dy symptoms. Working out whether whats happening is due to ms and usually it is. Then I sometimes feel I have to battle the doctors. Your attitude of getting on the right treatment ASAP and fighting I feel is the right one. I would suggest if you haven’t already done so to look at theNICE guidelines for ms. To look at treatmentboptions and how and when you qualify. They really hold the power for recommendations and doctors should follow them and I’m not sure if they ever go against. The more information you have the better. This site is fantastic so much fantastic support and knowledge and help. Hope this helps and I really feel for you. It does get easier Hugs Minxx

Hello (and to Cardo, too!),

So sorry to hear your news.

I was diagnosed 8 months ago.

It is shocking and scary but I kept reading posts on this forum, got lots of info and advice.

Pratically; you need to inform the DVLA if you drive, its a legal requirement. Check your life insurance, if u have crtical illness cover, it will prob pay out. You are automatically covered under equality act for work etc.

Personally;share your thoughts and worries with those close to u and comeon this site for support from others that know how u feel.

I try to focus on the fact that things could be worse, it is for so many others. It doesnt work all the time and u need to cry and let it out when u need to.

Clare x

Hello, Sorry to hear that you have MS if MRI agrees with the doc’s, it’s no wonder you burst into tears, sometimes it’s from the relief of actually knowing what is wrong and sometimes it’s the shock of being there is something wrong… But whatever the reason it’s good to let it all come flooding out. I was dx last year and as of yet I haven’t cried a tear, why, I don’t know but we all react differently just as MS does. I hope the MRI goes well for you. What you need to remember there is life with MS and it’s up to you to make the most of what you can. If you want a moan or a groan or just a general mumble we’ll all listen and understand and be here for you.

Cardo, I am sorry that you also have been dx with MS but am pleased that you are taking a positive attitude towards it. Keep those positives but without the bottles of wine, or people will think you are drunk!!!



Hi Both, sorry to hear of your diagnosis, we all know how shocking it is. Take time to be as emotional as you wish I used to say ‘why me’ and well meanig people used to say ‘why not you’. Feel free to punch anyone that says that to you lol. sure there are much worse things you could have and others are always worse off but again anyone says that ignore them.

The good news is that you can do lots of positive things with diet and lifestyle. mainly high strength vitamin D, omega3 and low saturtaed fat diet alongside drugs and treatments etc. You may find that you end up healthier than before!

Google George Jelinek and when you are less shocked and ready to take control have a look at his book and webiste.

best wishes and keep in touch x

I’m so sorry to hear about your diagnosis of MS.

But please remember MS does affect everyone in a different way. I’m not sure how little or badly your family members are affected - but this isn’t a bench mark for you.

Its horrible no-one wants to have anything wrong with them but at least now you know and can do something to help yourself; DMDs, the right exercise, support, vit D etc.

Being told you have MS is a grieving process - its coming to terms with having something wrong, not knowing when something might happen to your body, how this may affect your future plans, pacing yourself more. So cry be upset, be angry even - youre entitled to feel like this.

But MS doesn’t have to be the end. There are adjustments needed but there’s no reason why you can’t still try and do the things you enjoy. There are lots of people on this forum that have lived full and rich lives. I’m not diagnosed but since I’ve had all my issues I know its made me want to enjoy doing things every moment I do feel good. All I’m saying is your life doesn’t have to stop here.

I’m so sorry once agin - I hope you know we’re all here to support as I’m sure are your family. Its going to be an emotional rollercoaster for you over the next few months but take each moment a step at a time - you will get through this.



Hi Serendipity and Cardo

Really sorry you have both been diagnosed with MS. It must be a shock even when you are expecting it.

I am not dx yet, but this week received a letter from neuro (saw her 2 weeks ago) that had in black and white all the things wrong with me - reflexes, gait, etc etc. It was a real shock to see how much is wrong with me to be honest. Not sure how I feel about it all, but keep thinking that as I am not dx yet, it may just be some inflammation in the spine and that I will get tabs and it will all be fine. Hopefully anyway!

Please stay positive and ((hugs)) to you both.

Paula xx