finally been told today i have ms

feeling weird today as i’ve finally been told i have ms, it’s taken nearly 6 hours to sink in, in a way i feel relieved i now know i’ve not been going mad and everything thats been happening from loosing my eye sight for weeks and the constant numbness in my legs and upper torso has not been my imagination, but now think i’m reaching an emotional point and wishing i still didn’t know it is ms, but i shall try to remain positive as i have been but still feels weird finally knowing

Allo love. It will take a lot longer for the actual diagnosis to hit home fully. In fact it probably takes years and then when something new happens, you`ll get another reminder.

Along with a feeling of relief, there will be a feeling of what now? I hope you are getting all the meds and advice to help with symptoms.

Look after yourself, yeh?

luv Pollx

Hi Kittykate

I am really sorry you have had this diagnosis - it must be a really mixed bag of feelings, but at least you now know whats wrong and can hopefully get the support and meds that you need.

I am sure you will find that your emotions are all over the place, and probably will be for a while, and then it will finally sink in. Must be hard for you and your family and friends and you have my sympathies. These site has many people who are extremely knowledgeable about MS and everything it entails, and they are an extremely supportive bunch. So ask anything you want to know, and if you just need to sound off, do it here as you will find that noone is judgemental, everyone just wants to help.

Please stay strong and remember to look after yourself.

Paula xx

Sorry to hear you have a Dx, but at least now you and your Neuro/Dr know what they are dealing with and can do something to help you. Ask about an MS nurse , usually attached to hospital Neuro dept. Remember knowledge is power. Lots of useful info on this site and I would also contact your local group, mine have been very supportive. Take each day as it comes. Rest when you can My hubbie was glad when I was told possible MS, thought I had cancer and he was going to lose me! At least he saw a positive side.

Wow, you must be feeling very emotional indeed. The not knowing is difficult but there is still hope then, being told it really is MS must be a mixed bag of thoughts and emotions.

Thinking of you lots, look after yourself and take time to dwell on what this means for you and to be a bit selfish for a while - you come first at the moment.


Commiserations on the diagnosis

It’s always good to get an answer and it’s great to be able to explain things to other people and to get access to meds etc, but it’s never nice to hear the words.

It’s tough coming to terms with an MS diagnosis, but be kind to yourself, take one day at a time, don’t bottle things up (share, and let others share too) and you’ll get there in the end.

Karen x

PS Some “housekeeping”: don’t forget to tell the DVLA when you’re up to it and check any policy you have that might have a critical illness clause (e.g. your mortgage) - MS is claimable.

Hi Kittykate. I’m so sorry about your dx hun. No matter how long we have been ill, it can still be a shock to the system, so try to be good to yourself love and if you feel like having a good boo, go for it (better out than in).

Big (((((hugs))))),

Mags xx


Today I too have been confirmed as having MS. Completely agree about the weird sense of relief at knowing but still “bricking” it.

Keep positive

Oh, Kittykate and Wallace

Just wanted to send you both big cyber hugs. These are hard times - but a diagnosis means you’re not in limbo land any more, which is a good thing. Like everyone else, I’d say take time for yourselves, be gentle with yourselves - and hope for the best, if that isn’t too stupid a thing for me to say? I think I just mean see if you can be positive because that will make this journey easier… I think!