Newly diagnosed with Secondary Progressive - anyone I can talk to here?

I live in France. Been here 11 years. I was misdiagnosed 11 years ago as having suffered a stroke. I had a relapse 4 years ago and have been deteriorating since then. My problem is on my left side mostly. I have difficulty walking and my left hand is becoming progessively more useless. Because I was only diagnosed a month ago, I am trying to learn and understand this disease and symptoms.

Today I have been having a symptom - like someone is touching my nose!! Do you think if I am having these symptoms, that I should get in touch with the neurologist, or shall I just wait till Sept 5th when I have an appointment booked? I get SO many odd things, fluttering sensations in my muscles, burning muscles etc.

I’ve been told there is no treatment for secondary progressive.

Also - if there’s anyone else with SP MS on here that we could share moral support, that would be nice?

Hello my name is julie and my husband has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 16 th july 2013 and severly sight impaired/blind 8th august 2013.Although type of ms is still unsure we believe he has a progressive type as when diagnosed has alot of symptoms that have not gone away and has more recently developed problems with hands not working together,speech problems,and more worrying swallowing problems.He gets coldness on half of face ,and burning muscles,pins and needles,a leg that will just kick on its own.He has had legs stop working and fell over.Symptoms vary so much from person to person depending on where lesions are on brain.Have you got spine lesions too? hubby has both brain and spinal lesions.Hubby has toilet problems and just recently problems with his john thomas (privates).xxx julie