Hi everyone, I have just joined the group as I am currently in hospital getting diagnosed, it looks as if i have Progressive MS. … according to the scans i have had (June & last Friday ) the lesions in my brain have got bigger. …my left siide of my body is continually tingling and the right side is getting weaker. … especially my leg, which makes it difficult to walk. …im ok getting around on flat ground but due to foot drop struggle with walking up stairs and up/ down hills…

The impact mentally is something that I am struggling with.

Short term memory is a real issue, , I am hoping that the head doctor will see me today to explain what I am expected to happen to me and meds that might slow the process down.

Any views on what topics to read or help that i can get would be gratefully received

Kind Regards


Hi Andy

I’m sorry to hear of your diagnosis. How did your meeting with the Dr go?

Hi Humbug, thankyou for your reply.

I have now left the hospital with a final diagnosis of Primary Progressive MS, I’ve had one phone call from the physios

that’s all

I feel as if I’ve been dumped back into life with no real support although I am hoping that the local council will be able to find somewhere to live…as I am having to stay in my old family home…(split with partner over 4 years ago). It is good now that I have a diagnosis as this answers a lot questions about what I have been going through over the past 5 years… Once I get back online I think I need to start reading