secondary progressive diagnois

Hi to all got diagnosied 2007 had alot of problems before that for many years,its only just this last year that i have finally come to terms with this dreadful illness. in february gor told by my MS specialist at Addenbrookes. got told my MS has now gone to secondary progressive MS help needed to now come to terms with this any words of comfort will be brill as going through a bad divorce as well. thanks if you can hope you are all keeping as well as you can

DD or D2?

Got my Dx of SPMS in August (and to be fair, I had been expecting it for some months previously).

I have not noticed any real difference since.

You don’t say how bad you are physically, but I would suggest that if you are near an MS Therapy Centre, that you contact them about some physiotherapy. It won’t be an instant cure (or any sort of cure), but it may help you keep what function you have, and they are all nice people (might help to take your mind off anything unpleasant).



My diagnosis was SPMS too. It takes some coming to terms with but life goes on. Look after yourself as best you can especially with the divorce going on as well.


I have been SP for about 5 years now, during that time I have become progressively more disabled and if you were to look at only that it might seem depressing. However things have happen relatively slowly giving me time to adjust and adapt. It’s almost like a challenge - how can I put changes in place that will allow me to carry on doing the things I enjoy. For example I just had hanging rails put up in the kitchen so I can put things that I use regularly within reach from my wheelchair. I also put up one of those drop down tables that fix to the wall to give me some work surface that I can roll my w/chair under.

Im not minimising the effect of being SP but life goes on - it might change (probably not might) but it’s not an end.


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Thanks to all of you still up and about on my feet most days fatique really bad not my mobillity thats being a prob now both my bowel and bladder not working one of them unseen probs that we tend not to talk about out loud. On top of that my husband has decided that i am no longer a svelt size 10 anymore now a size 14 as can not rush about as much as once did so i DON’T DO IT FOR HIM ANYMORE he does’nt find me attractive i don’t quote do it for him anymore unquote.Plus he can’t handle my MS anymore lovely that sickness and health in our marriage vows don’t mean that.

I was given the SPMS diagnosis earlier this year. In my case it’s a slow progression but I notice it nonetheless :frowning: