New around here

Hello im new here. I’ve had progressive ms
since I was a teenager. I’m in my early 60s now. And its been getting worse this last few years.

My worst symptoms are tiredness, feeling weak. It affects my speech, i find it hard to get the words out ,and sometimes my speech is slurred.

My balance isn’t great so I’ve had falls. Somtimes I ended up in hospital after falling and hitting my head.

I have a rollator and carers. I feel useless and that i can do nothing. I’ve nothing to look forward to. I just exist. Every day is the same.

Hi Daisies
Welcome. I am a carer for my husband with Primary Progressive MS. He had first signs in 1998 but officially diagnosed 2003.
You sound like you have been mobile quite a bit longer than he had been.

He is now bedbound and aged 61.

Hello Daisies, are you at all able to use a small mobility scooter. I have a small folding one which I can use indoors or getting out even if it’s only for some fresh air and to listen to bird song.

Also, are there any MS groups near you ? Groups tend to meet up every now and then or in some cases even weekly.

I used to go for walks. Now i don’t. I feel like my life is finished. I sleep in the living room on a hospital bed and spend the day sitting in the kitchen

Would you be happy making contact with your nearest MS Group?