Newly diagnosed end May 2022

Hi everyone!

I have just been diagnosed with a ‘likely’ new diagnosis of MS. Type and nature tbc! I’m feeling positive and upbeat about it, determined to cope well and carry on as close to normal as I can, but I have questions and am looking for support as I learn about this. Is anyone around to help me in these very early stages? X


Our commiserations for joining the unfortunate club. However, you’re in the right place on this forum, for encouragement, second opinions (from amateurs…), helpful advice & research and the best ways to work the system.

When your diagnosis is official, you’ll be assigned an MS specialist consultant within the Neurology team, plus access to the MS Nurses who are helpful on day to day stuff.


Hi @Jenni_wren, welcome on board. It might not have been a club you ever thought you would be joining but my recent experience is that members are of a friendly sort.

As you share your journey I’m sure many will guide your way. I am picking up tips everyday, so pleased I stopped to check this space out.

If you don’t I don’t me asking what has brought you to ‘ a likely ms diagnosis’. Your journey may help others as they support you :blush:

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