New to MS

Hi, i was diagnosed last week after 18 months of tests, cancelled appointments then finally seeing the Consultant at the Brain Clinic on the 6th July, I thought I would just be relieved that I finally have a diagnosis, I am, but so much more aswell and i’m not sure where to turn.

My brain is just fog at the moment :frowning:

hi kaz

the long wait for diagnosis makes you feel you should be happy when finally diagnosed.

however it takes time to really sink in.

allow yourself this time.

then think of things that would help you.

mindfulness meditation is one thing that i’m glad of.

join your nearest ms therapy centre, i go there every week for HBOT Hyper Barric Oxygen Therapy.

also make sure you have some fun in your week.

i meet friends for coffee or have lunch out.

my husband takes me to the pub and gets me drunk when i’m stressed!!!

you’ll find your way

good luck

carole x

Hello Kaz

Welcome to the club no one wants to belong to, but from which support and fellow feeling may be drawn on.

It sounds like the best thing you could do is to get hold of a local MS nurse who can help you through the early days.

Otherwise, as you think of things you want to know, ask us, either on the newly diagnosed forum or this one. Someone is usually about for an answer, an opinion, an argument or just a bit of support.


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Hi Kaz,

On the plus side you have just walked into the best collective resource of MS experience, wisdom, and empathy in the entire world. What the contributors to this Forum don’t know about MS isn’t worth knowing.

Whatever you feel, someone here will have felt that way as well. Whatever your symptoms, someone will have had that too and whatever questions you may have, someone will have an answer.

We can’t cure MS but the cloak of care you’ll find from your fellow MSers will make it a lot easier.



Welcome Kaz,


Hi kaz my situation is similar to yours i too waiTed a while for a diagnosis and although I was convinced myself I did have ms it was still a shock to be told officially. I was diagnosed 3 months ago so I m not in a position to offer advice I still cry myself to sleep some nights but I do know this support group has been a tremendous help to me. Although my family are extremely supportive I don’t think they understand how I m feeling (I don’t think anyone can unless they have ms) when I m feeling down or just need a shounder to cry on it come here. Angela x


Welcome kaz, hugs

Hi Kaz,

Welcome to the forum and I hope that you can get some relief in knowing that there are various expected treatments for our 'orrible disease.


hiya angela/sapphire

nobody on here knows exactly how u r feeling-simply because we are not you! however we may have similar feelings and issues and this site is the best, safe place for exploring any issues/questions. they will be varied responses/answers but then you can decide whats best to do for you.


ps you never stop learning with this ms malarkey!

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