New Diagnosis

Hi pps,I am a new member. I have been diagnosed for 3 months now and have enjoyed reading some of your posts. It’s good to know there’s somewhere to ask questions etc.

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hi terry

hello and welcome to our exclusive club.

how are you coping?

it’s like normal life but with some sort of shift. (like in a sci-fi film)

it’s life jim but not as we know it! (another sci-fi reference)

you will be fine, you are preprogrammed to survive.

just read this through and it sounded weird (blame the meds).

look forward to getting to know you.

carole x

Hi Carole,I’m doing fine thanks. I see there’s a few ppl here newly diagnosed and looking for info (MS Trust has a great pack) you can order from the web site and it covers and answers loads! I have been pretty well Informed and looked after so that’s a bonus,can’t believe ppl are being left out when the stuff is so easy to get. Terry x x

Hi Terry, welcome aboard the good ship MS and other neuro disorders!

I`m an honorary member as I used to have PPMS! Sounds daft I know, but it was a mis-diagnosis.

It`s a great forum, as we understand each other and sometimes, this is the only place to vent, let off steam or even rejoice!

Happy New Year Tel!!

luv Pollyxx

Hi Terry, I was only diagnosed 3 months ago too. The people on here are great and its the place to come to just let off steam, get advice or scream and shout. Welcome to the group.

Heehaw! Thanks for the welcome. It is a good place for sure,I have seen that already. At least every one here is like minded and no just wafflers. Anyone doing anything special for new year? Terry x x