New to this

Hello everyone. I am new to this. After 4 years of test. 7 different diagnosis, today I got told by neurologist that I have MS. I have a lesion on the brain and one at the top of my spine. Not sure how I feel, think makes it worse because been told just before xmas. I don’t know anything about MS. Thank you to anyone in advance who replies to this.

Aw Mags, I am sorry. What a lovely Christmas present!!

Welcome to the forum. You, like most of us, would probably prefer not to be a member of this particular club, but we do try to support each other as best we can.

I would imagine that you will now be assigned an MS nurse, chances are you’ll get an appointment to see him/her in the new year. You should also be offered a disease modifying drug or DMD. These are designed to reduce the number and severity of relapses.

Have a look at The MS Trust have a great number of information pages. Their info is generally accurate and useful.

Best of luck. It will take some time for your diagnosis to sink in. And you are likely to experience widely fluctuating feelings about it. Feel free to come on here and ask for whatever help you need.


Morning mag.s welcome to MS if you need a relief valve just waffle on here as it helps and there is people who will help you , I know its a bit of a downer esp just before Christmas but its just another chapter of your life , There is so many supporting people on here so if anything you need to ask or find out about just ask … waffle … what ever way you can get it off your chest … As you know you will have good and bad days , whats new you say !!! but keep thinking positive and you can deal with this … Have a great day and put another present under the tree for yourself … it will put a smile on your face … Ian

Thank you for those words. I will look at that site. I also have dissociative seizures. Epilepsy. Sleep apnea. Torn muscles in both arms. Think will leave my body to science. See how much they can learn from it lol

Thank you. Reading your reply put a smile on my face.