Diagnosed today

Saw my neurologist today and have been diagnosed with MS. He didn’t say what type of MS. He thinks I’ve only had one relapse so wants to see me again in 6 months. He’s getting an MS nurse to ring me during the week to help with bladder problems.

I’ve had a crappy weekend, I lost my grandad on Friday morning now this even tho I knew I had it, it’s nice to finally have a diagnosis. A friend of mine has got MS aswell and has had it for 8 years so it’s nice to talk to her about it.

Hello Donna

I’m so sorry to hear about your Grandad. What a weekend!!

I assume you won’t necessarily be getting any disease modifying drugs (DMDs), but even someone diagnosed with CIS can qualify for some of the available drugs. So if you want them, ask your new MS nurse.

I know you were expecting the diagnosis, so it’s not a surprise. But don’t expect the new few weeks/months to be emotionally easy. You are likely to go through a range of feelings. It’s not unusual to be relieved to have the diagnosis out of the way, but following that can come depression, anger, general upset and just feeling unsettled.

Have a good chat with your fellow MSer. Just remember yours will probably share symptoms and be dissimilar in many ways.

And keep posting on your journey.

Best of luck and again my condolences.


Hi Donna, so sorry for your loss. That must make the diagnosis especially hard to deal with even if you were expecting it.

Like Sue says, look into DMTs if you want them and talk to your MS nurse.

I find posting here and on shift ms helps and saves overburdening my family and friends.

Hi Donna, sorry to hear about your grandad. I’ve only been diagnosed for a few weeks and I too was expecting it but it’s still difficult to hear. It’s good that you’ve got a friend to talk to and ask any questions you may have on here… I read this forum for ages before I was diagnosed and the people on here are so helpful and honest. Karen

Thank you. I’m on an ms group on Facebook and it’s good.

Thank you. Still waiting for ms nurse to ring.

Thank you.