Newly diagnosed

Hey ,

i am new here :slight_smile:

just diagnosed after having symptoms since last may

my mri scan came back with three lesions on the brain and on rob the cervical spine

my neurologist said “ I’m sorry to have to give you the news before Xmas but u have M S I feel ok about it. I think I am still in shock . I’m 34 and have a 1 year old and 14 year old.

I run my own business and sing at weekends … so very busy … how am I going to deal with this and still lead a bit al life .

The neuro said she is writing to the ms team who will take over now and I just hAve to wait for an appointment

i am not feeling the best think I am coming down with some things g. ive never felt exhaustion like it… how long before t U start meds?

Merry christmas everyone xxx

Hello Jade

I don’t think there’s ever a good time for an MS diagnosis, but as a Christmas present, it’s one of the worst.

You are likely to have several different feelings about the diagnosis, from numb, to furious anger, sadness and even grief. Many people never reach the stage of ‘acceptance’. And to be honest, why the hell should they. It’s a shit thing to have moved into your life.

Have a look at there’s a whole load of information on there. And in fact you’ll find the MS Trust has a great many pages of information on a whole host of subjects.

Like for example which it appears has moved in on you. Fatigue is like a crushing weight, more than just ordinary tiredness. And having children you’ll find it’s not easy to deal with.

It seems that your neuro wants to get things moving for you. So you’re likely to be contacted by an MS nurse, if you get a good one (and to be fair, most are pretty decent), s/he will talk over the options for disease modifying drugs, which are designed to reduce relapses and the severity of them. S/he will also liaise with other services, depending on what you need. And those things will change over time, from physiotherapy, to occupational therapy and continence services should you need them.

If you don’t hear by a week of so after New Year, phone your neurologists secretary and ask for the contact details of the MS nurse.

I hope your Christmas isn’t overshadowed by this news. Have a good one.


Can some tell me …

i have been diagnosed but no meds as yet !!! i have weakness in my legs and of course fatigue unbalance , is there a drug the MS nurse can give or is there people that have been given some thing that improves weakness and fatigue ?? … as i was first taken in back in july … tests finally done in october diagnosis begining of december … and still waiting for a ms nurse … even GP is chasing it …

Really wondering whats in store for me as it looks like i might beable to go back to work .

thanks everyone and merry christmas

hi skipchaser the drugs which the ms nurse can offer you are the Disease Modifying Drugs (DMDs). these aim to reduce the frequency of relapses and therefore the residual disability. they can also advise your GP on meds to help you with your symptoms. fatigue is pretty much here to stay. you need to learn how to manage it. break tasks down and rest whenever possible. you will learn (the hard way) if you overdo it.(wiped out for a day or two) weakness can be helped by physiotherapy with a physio who knows ms. your nurse can refer you. balance can also be helped by exercise. when you go back to work you are covered by the DDA (disability discrimation act) which states that your employer has to make reasonable adjustments for you. have a read about this as it depends on what sort of company you work for. don’t get downhearted as it is perfectly right to expect a full life with ms. hopefully your ms nurse can make a lot of helpful suggestions. merry christmas, have a drink Cheers! carolex

Thanks carole for the advise , have a great christmas ,

ian x