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Hello im Ashley, im not sure if i am writing in the correct section. I was diagnosed with MS on Thursday 7th June after having numbness and tingling in my right arm and to follow loss of vision in my left eye. this has come as a massive shock as to everyone else it must have as well. i guess im still in the accepting it period which has positive and negative moments. its fair to say i am scared and upset cause from being a fit and healthy guy to this. being newly diagnosed i would love to hear from you as support is much needed and any help i can return i would love to do


Hi Ash, You’re right. Getting a diagnosis of MS is probably the biggest piece of news anyone can get. The good news is that you found this Forum. The combined experience and wisdom you’ll get here is better than any neurologist. The only thing better is a good MS Nurse. Have you been given the details of one? We’ll see you around. Regards, Anthony

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Hi Ash

Welcome to the disease and the forum we’d all rather not have to belong to.

It seems to me that an MS diagnosis is usually a big shock, even when someone has expected the diagnosis. And if you really weren’t expecting it, then it’s an even more frightening place to be.

Have a look at The MS Trust have a lot of excellent resources (as does this site of course). Researching your new diagnosis is one way to try and get a handle on it and in some small ways to ‘tame’ the beast.

I would imagine that in the first instance at least, you’ll be diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS. This is where you have relapses, or ‘flare ups’ of symptoms which might be treated with steroids to help shorten the relapse. A relapse would then be followed by a slow remission, either fully or partially, over weeks or months.

Disease Modifying Drugs (DMDs) are available, these aim to reduce the number and severity of relapses. There are many different DMDs, each has an expected average relapse reduction rate, but each drug also has the potential for side effects. See for some info about the drugs available. When you are assigned an MS nurse s/he will guide you through what options are open to you (depending on local prescribing centres as well as the perceived severity of your MS).

And as for ‘accepting’ the diagnosis, that’s not essential. It doesn’t matter whether you accept it or not, the bugger is here. Personally, I don’t feel rolling out the metaphorical welcome mat is necessary. Neither do I think acceptance is required. Stamping your feet, getting angry and feeling a good amount of, ‘it’s not bloody fair’ is perfectly normal.

I hope you stick around. Ask all the questions you want answers to. (Relating to MS maybe - we’re not complete know-alls!) We’ll try to help.


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Hi Ash,

Welcome to the forum.

If you want/need support and advice about MS and it’s symptoms there’s lots of lovely people on here who can help you with their vast knowledge and experience.

Take each day as it comes and remember you’re not on your own.

Take Care.

Twinkle Toes x

I am sorry that you have had this news - a bit of a shocker, just as you say. It’s no fun whatsoever being where you are right now, as all of us who have been there will know. Hang on in there - we are more resilient that we think. Life has a way of carrying on regardless and, with a few adjustments, so do we. So don’t panic. The shock will pass and you will find your way through.


Just to add to the above comments, I was diagnosed 9 months ago and even although I could see it coming it was still a shock. I’ve found this forum useful and also I’ve popped along to my local support group which I’ve found beneficial. I’m not sure if you have been informed by your neuro, or if you already know, but ms is a notifable illness as far as DVLA are concerned so assuming you drive you will need to tell them and your insurance company. The insurance company only want to know that you can still drive and that you have told DVLA. Your premiums will not be effected. I found the months following diagnosis a turbulent time emotionally, but eventually things have settled down. Best wishes.