Newbie With Symptoms

Hello everyone

I don’t know if it was wrong or right for me to join this community, i suppose it just seems like such a nice place.

Currently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Sleep Apnea (wear mask each time i nap or sleep) and mild Osteoarthritis (mild according to doc anyway). However, I seem to be getting one symptom after another and I may be looking into things too much but anyway, my latest symptom was double vision. I have never experienced this before and it scared me. Along with the double vision I have also been lightheaded, have pain in my face and behind my right eye, loads and loads of floaters, so annoying, and my right pupil isn’t behaving itself at all. It actually feels as if there is a pressure behind the eye plus it feels gritty and there is a dull ache when I move it. Doc said to go to Optician and Optician has referred me to eye clinic at hospital as he says he hasn’t got the scanning equipment to see what is wrong.

Sorry in advance as I think this is going to become a list of my symptoms

I get pain everywhere but just not at the same time. It can burn, sting, stab, and ache. I recently was getting out of bed in the morning and it felt like I was walking on broken glass. I also had a deep burning pain at the side of my foot and was seen by Biomechanical Podiatrist who said it was nerve pain and had MS ever been considered!

Doc put me on gabapentin as apart from really bad restless legs that come and go I kept having to check the bottom of my legs as they would feel wet. I also get pins and needles or tingling a lot of the time and this may sound nuts but sometimes when I am lying in bed i start to feel a vibration begin in my feet and work its way up to my head. This vibration gets stronger and stronger and I have even heard a humming with it. I’ve had this for years. Weird or what! I also used to get what I call head zaps. Like an electrical current running across my head at the front, dizziness, and once the side of my skull went numb and tingly. Thought I was having a stroke :frowning:

I am so foggy minded its unbelievable. If having a conversation i forget the word I’m looking for or forget what I was talking about. I’m also pretty constantly tired but also have a separate issue in that my energy completely drains. I feel like a faulty battery that has suddenly run out of juice. I’ve had sleepy and fatigue issues for ages now and lost my job as a bus driver due to not being allowed to drive in april this year.

i am also extremely clumsy and things just fly out of my hands. Doc thinks my coordination is fine but i tend to think that sometimes its not.

Sertraline for low mood and anxiety. Omeprazole for gerd and other meds.

I remember several years ago i had one occasion when i got a sudden electrical feeling pain from my neck and it zapped down both my arms. Another major fright.

Apologies again to all those poor souls who got this far.

i also have bowel and bladder problems and get too warm. Everyone else thinks its freezing but I’m stripping off. That was bad in bed too. Funnily that seems to have lessened whilst new things pop up. My friend says its just the menopause (had a full hysterectomy due to stage 1 endometrial cancer. They also removed ovaries just in case but everything has been fine since and this will be nearly two years ago).

I suppose what I am wondering is are my symptoms due to Fibro or could I be correct in suspecting MS. I know nobody on here can give me the answer but I just had to get if off my chest.

Thanks for listening

Hello Annlou

Blimey, you’ve got / had a lot going on.

As you rightly say, no one here can say anything either positive or negative about your symptoms. And as you already have diagnoses that could account for some of the symptoms, sorting out what is causing what is going to be tricky for you.

I suggets you talk to your GP. Ask if there would be any value, in their opinion, in being referred to a neurologist.


Thanks Sue

I’m due at docs next week and will try to broach subject. Hate it when they roll eyes but to be fair my most recent GP seems to actually listen to me. Yes, I thought there seemed to be an awful amount of symptoms that come and go. Could be any number of things causing it i suppose but I just seem to keep returning to MS symptom wise. If its the Fibromyalgia causing all this I will be immensely relieved

Hi I haven’t had a diagnosis there’s a long wait for a neurologist where I live. I call my buzzing an invisible tremor but it started in bed often when I was just about to go to sleep my husband couldn’t feel the bed moving. 14 wks ago I started getting them during the day at anytime but mostly noticed when sat quietly. At the same time I stated getting twitching which is getting stronger and sometimes makes my hand or shoulder move. I also have tingling anywhere in my body and vertigo when I lie on my right side and a tension in my legs or shoulders.

Like you I have a complicated medical history and have made connections to previous problems I have a problem with forgetting what I’m saying mid sentence a few years ago I thought it was solved when I was diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency but it came back. I’ve had knee arthroscopies and a shoulder op. I have back pain and pain spasms in my thighs. I had burning knees which stopped and then got burning feet instead.

Several years ago I was dismissed by a rather rude rheumatologist. I was told I didn’t have Glaucoma and a year later got referred again and still go to the glaucoma clinic. This year I had pneumonia in Austria and then a Breast cancer scare either of which I think could have triggered the recent symptoms. The senior partner at my GP practice described my symptoms as bizarre.

Meanwhile I just wait and keep a diary of symptoms. I think it all points to MS along with the fact that my Mum had it, she wasn’t disabled by it but had a lot of pain but coped well.

I hope you get sorted I hate the not knowing but like to read other peoples experience on here because most of my friends and family don’t like me talking about it too much.

Hi Lelp

You seem to be having a lot of nasty symptoms but I was interested to read that you also have the vibrations/buzzing.

I haven’t had double vision for a few days but still pains in head and in right eye and you’d have thought i was drunk earlier on as couldn’t walk a straight line, wobbly and kept banging into things. Pretty lightheaded. Wish eye clinic appt would hurry up :slightly_frowning_face: