Hello Im New

Hello Im new to this Forum and wanted to ask anybody if they think I could have MS .

I have a number of illnesses I will list them - Subventricular Tachycardia , thyroid disorder, Fibromyalgia, cfs , Slipped disc with Osteoarthritis in my spine, Asthma, depression and anxiety, I am on alot of medications but none of this has changed in yrs .

About 7 years ago I was diagnoised with Fibromyalgia and cfs I get the usual widespread pains and fibro fog and lost of other symptoms but 4 months ago I started getting a new symptom which is abit scary I get the feeling of moving in slow motion and I get alot of pins and needles in my hands/arms -Legs/feet and In my Neck and shoulders -

About 2 - 3 times a week when I’m driving I reach out to change gear or put my indicator on and I suddenly feel like my hand and arm is moving in slow motion and my eye sight goes double vision and I feel like Im floating feeling or swimming motion ( Its hard to describe ) but within 30 seconds I’m back to normal ( well as normal as I get ) This also happens when I reach up to get something off a shelf in the supermarket I start feeling all hot and dizzy then the slow motion feeling and double vision… This morning I visited a doctor ( sadly the doctor I saw today wasn’t my normal doctor so has no Idea how I am on a daily basis ) He told me it must be a reaction to one of my tablets but I said to him but my medication hasn’t changed in years so don’t think its anything to do with medication but instead of looking into things he has now told me to reduce my tablets and I should feel better - Im scared to reduce my tablets because I will end up in alot of pain and unable to cope with things so I’m thinking of making another appointment but this time with my normal doctor because she listerns to me and understands that when I make an appointment for a reason then I must be worried which I am .

This is a list of other symptoms Im having but not sure if it’s Fibromyalia or If I have MS

Pain behind my eyes ( like someone is pushing my eye balls out - tingling down the sides of my face like numb pins and needles - Insomnia - I forget things all the time - The Pins and needles in my hands/ feet - Legs and arms - my fingers go so numb I can’t hold anything and I drop things all the time - Always thirsty - I get double vision and blured vision - I have to walk with a walking stick or go in a wheelchair because my legs give way and I feel very wobbily/dizzy - I get alot of cramps in my legs , shoulders, neck, and my shoulder blades go into spasm - I always feel so exhausted like I have had no sleep in weeks and I feel weak in my legs and arms ( I find it hard to lift my legs up when climbing the stairs - I struggle with co - ordination and I suffer with forgetfulness - I get diagnoised with Virtigo alot ( Feels like everything is spinning around. )

Would be great to hear from anybody that has had similar problems


Amanda x

Hi Amanda

Crikey, you have got a lot going on

I’m sorry to read you are having an even tougher time. I have to be honest, I can’t really help, other than to say that seeing your regular GP is a good idea. I hate having to see a different one, mine has gone on holiday so had no choice today.

Just wanted to say

Best wishes

Thank you for replying to my message “Traitsy” that’s the reason why I had to see a different doctor today because mine is on holiday aswell - Roll on next week when she is back and I can tell her how I’m feeling. I’m keeping how I have been feeling and whats been happening to me to myself because I don’t want to worry my boyfriend unnecessarily …



Hi Amanda and welcome :slight_smile: The thing in your list of symptoms that stood out for me was being thirsty all the time. This might be meds, but my (unqualified!) mind jumped straight to diabetes which is a condition that could cause all of your symptoms. Have you been tested? I would advise you to see your normal GP about it all, but I would also advise asking for a referral to an ophthalmologist to get the double vision and eye pain checked out. It could be that the slow motion stuff is related to your eyes too. Unfortunately neurological conditions can be tricky to diagnose, but the more things you rule out (eg diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, thyroid (is yours under control?), etc) and the more evidence you can gather (eg from ophthalmology), the easier it gets. Karen x

Hello and thank you for your reply - I thought about the fact I was drinking alot and what it might be but I have been tested a few times for diabetes and its always come back ok and my thyroid gets tested every year in february and thats ok . I get pins and needles and numbness in my fingers esspecially my middle finger on my left hand, I was tested for carpal tunnel but that came back ok aswell - I have had my eyes tested because of the double vision but the optician said she couldn’t find anything that would cause the double vision - I feel like I will never find out whats up with me :frowning:

I will make another appointment with my own doctor when I can but in the meantime I feel like I’m going mad - I keep wondering am I imaging the slow motion thing but It’s happened again this morning so I know deep down It is really happening and I’m finding it harder to cope with … I get the swimmy feeling wash over me then my eyes go double vision then the slow motion thing happens then within 30-40 seconds I’m ok again …

Thanks again

Amanda x

If an optician can’t find anything wrong, but you are having vision problems, then you need to see an ophthalmologist - they are better qualified and better equipped to check your eyes out thoroughly. Your optician and your GP can refer you.


I’m going to go back to my own doctor when she is back from her holidays because I know she will listern to me and support me and refer me to see someone about these symtoms - Thank you to everyone that has replied to me :slight_smile: