Newbie with confusing symptoms

Hi everyone,

I came across this site by accident, i had put some of my symptoms into google and responses came back from the ms society.

I have been diagnosed with ME, FM, crohns and an underctive thyroid.

In 2012 my symptoms started to change, my walking and balance became more of a problem. The first time it happened my legs became very heavy and all strength left left them, i had to hold onto something to remain uprights. Later on i expereinced something very odd. When i was walking it was like i had padded shoes like i was bouncing and my feet seemed to go further into the floor…it was vry strange. My balance is also affected in other ways, i feel like i am going to fall over and cant walk in a straight line,dont know what it looks like to others but i feel i am zig zagging.

My vision is also affected, i see see lots of floaters, have difficulty going from sunlight to a darker room. A couple of times my eye balls got stuck. I have said to people in the past that its a cloudy day, they have replied that they didnt see it like that, to me it was very grey.

One strange thing that keeps happening is when i am watching tv its like i am seeing in 3D, people and objects come to the from away from the rest of the programme…its very odd i know.

Heat has also become a major problem to me, i have always been someone who felt the cold, now i cant tolerate sunshine or een heat from the kitchen, i staart to feel very unwell.

I also expereince extreme fatigue,pain and muscle weakness.

If anyone recognises any of these symptoms please reply. They dont happen all the time but do keep reoccuring.

Thank you in advance for your time


It would be useful for your GP to know these things, when they started, how long they lasted or if they are ongoing.Wishing you all the best :heart:

Yes, i went to see a neurosurgeon regarding my back and he wants my gp to make referral to see neurologist.


hi christine

i hve the same symptoms as you describe.

glad you’ve been told to seek a referral to neurology.

good luck

carole x

Hi Carole,

Thanks for your reply. Its so re-assuring to find out that someone knows what im talking about…can i ask you if you expereince all the symptoms i describe or some of them. The bouncing feeling while walking i found really odd…did you have that also.

Did you get diagnosed?

Im so grateful to be able to chat on here where people do understand.



Hi Christine & welcome,

I to have some of your symptoms and fully understand the bouncy feeling when walking, in fact I find it harder to walk bare footed because of it. Good luck and best wishes with your referral to a neurologist. Make a list of your symptoms to remind yourself but don’t hand it to the neuro as they will only put it to one side.