Newbie very fed up!!

Hi evryone,

My first post and need some help. For the last 18 months I have had what my GP said was fibromyalgia although never had proper diagnosis. Now on huge amount of pain killers and when I went for my blue badge the doctor told me to ask my gp for a referal to a neurologist as my symptoms were very similar to MS. My gp says that he knows me and this other dr didnt so no referal.

I have just changed my dr today so seeing a new on Friday. It is all really getting to me hence bursting into tears at the surgery today. My balance is getting worse by the day and things just p falling out of my hands and waling into people and things all the time and the pain in my back and hips are unbearable ven with nefopan and gabopentin.

I’m sorry for gabbling but I am at the nd of my tether.

Jane x