Newbie, possible MS symptoms

Hi everyone. I recently had some hearing loss in my left ear. I was referred to ENT, who then sent me for an MRI scan. Although they didn’t pick up on what has caused my hearing loss, they have noticed some demyelination so I am being referred to a Neurologist now. The ENT consultant mentioned MS, and this hasn’t come as a surprise…it was mentioned years ago when I had optic neuritis, as well as an episode of pins and needles/numbness in my left hand. Plus my Dad was diagnosed with MS when I was a baby, although he only had one episode and then nothing else. So I’m now waiting on my appointment to come though from the Neurologist. I’ve also suffered from frequent UTIs and constipation, especially since having my youngest 2yrs ago. Wondering if it’s all connected??

hi kitty

neurologist work like detectives looking at all the clues and eliminating the impossible, reaching a conclusion further down the line.

so it may well be all connected.

on my first appointment i told my neuro everything that had caused me concern.

even things from years ago.

a referral to the bowel and bladder clinic will be helpful for you.

take someone with you to prompt to if your words get lost and to remember what the neuro says.

in a stressful situation most of us struggle with this.

i hope you get answers.

carole x